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  • Marine Propellers and Propulsion

    Marine Propellers and Propulsion
    John Carlton

    The most complete book available on marine propellers, fully updated and revised, with new chapters on propulsion in ice and high speed propellers Gathers together otherwise disparate material on the theory and practice of propulsion …

  • Practical Ship Hydrodynamics

    Practical Ship Hydrodynamics
    Volker Bertram

    Expanded and updated, this new edition includes: Otherwise disparate information on the factors affecting ship hydrodynamics, combined to provide one practical, go-to resource.

  • McChord Field

    McChord Field
    Kimberly Peterson

    McChord Field, tucked away in the Pacific Northwest, maintains an understated presence.

  • The Petroleum Shipping Industry Operations and practices Volume 2

    The Petroleum Shipping Industry: Operations and practices, Volume 2
    Michael D. Tusiani

    This set gives a broad introductory overview of the entire petroleum marine industry and how it is affected by the world petroleum markets.

  • Heavy Weather Avoidance and Route Design

    Heavy Weather Avoidance and Route Design
    Mike Ma-Li Chen, Lee S. Chesneau

    In Heavy Weather Avoidance, Chen and Chesneau merge the seamanship of a master mariner and the forecast expertise of a senior meteorologist, providing readers with double-barrel exposure to what actually goes on in the atmosphere and on the …

  • Reeds Vol 15 Electronics Navigational Aids and Radio Theory for Electrotechnical Officers

    Reeds Vol 15: Electronics, Navigational Aids and Radio Theory for Electrotechnical Officers
    Steve Richards

    Fault find to component and sub system level is also included. Importantly, this is the first textbook to be aimed primarily at ETOs, covering the changes to the STCW 2010. An essential buy.

  • Basic Offshore Safety

    Basic Offshore Safety
    Abdul Khalique

    Primarily focused on the oil industry, this book introduces readers to the key safety topics in the offshore support vessel industry and common to the renewable industry.

  • Coastal and Ocean Engineering Practice

    Coastal and Ocean Engineering Practice
    Young C Kim

    Often, problems arise from projects that are too complex for theoretical description, which require that engineers exercise sound judgment in addition to reliance on past practical experience.This book focuses on the latest technology …

  • Seasteading

    Joe Quirk, Patri Friedman

    "What if … the way to decrease ocean pollution is to increase ocean populations? … the way to decrease the number of wars is to increase the number of countries? … the way to discover political solutions is to empower your political …

  • Handbook of Coastal Disaster Mitigation for Engineers and Planners

    Handbook of Coastal Disaster Mitigation for Engineers and Planners
    Miguel Esteban, Hiroshi Takagi, Tomoya Shibayama

    Written by an international panel of experts in the fields of engineering and risk management, The Handbook of Coastal Disasters Mitigation presents a coherent overview of 10 years of coastal disaster risk management and engineering, during …

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