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  • Metathesis Chemistry

    Metathesis Chemistry
    Yavuz Imamoglu, Valerian Dragutan

    This volume compiles all the latest trends in olefin metathesis. In particular, you’ll learn how olefin metathesis has growing potential for the development of sustainable technologies with many possible industrial applications.

  • Computational Optimization of Internal Combustion Engines

    Computational Optimization of Internal Combustion Engines
    Yu Shi, Hai-Wen Ge, Rolf D. Reitz

    Computational Optimization of Internal Combustion Engines presents the state of the art of computational models and optimization methods for internal combustion engine development using multi-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) …

  • Equilibrium Finite Element Formulations

    Equilibrium Finite Element Formulations
    J. P. Moitinho de Almeida, Edward A. Maunder

    When strong equilibrium and finite elements are to be combined, the book is a must-have reference for postgraduate students, researchers in software development or numerical analysis, and industrial practitioners who want to keep up to date …

  • Data Driven Remaining Useful Life Prognosis Techniques

    Data-Driven Remaining Useful Life Prognosis Techniques
    Xiao-Sheng Si, Zheng-Xin Zhang, Chang-Hua Hu

    This book introduces data-driven remaining useful life prognosis techniques, and shows how to utilize the condition monitoring data to predict the remaining useful life of stochastic degrading systems and to schedule maintenance and …

  • Progress in Scale Modeling

    Progress in Scale Modeling
    Kozo Saito

    This book is a selection of seminal papers given at the past International Symposia on Scale Modeling (ISSM).

  • Biofilm and Materials Science

    Biofilm and Materials Science
    Hideyuki Kanematsu, Dana M Barry

    The book details the range of issues caused by biofilm formation and the variety of affected industries. This book explains the formation of biofilm on materials surfaces in an industrial setting.

  • Smart Biomaterials

    Smart Biomaterials
    Mitsuhiro Ebara, Yohei Kotsuchibashi, Ravin Narain, Naokazu Idota, Young-Jin Kim, John M. Hoffman, Koichiro Uto, Takao Aoyagi

    This book provides comprehensive coverage of smart biomaterials and their potential applications, a field that is developing at a very rapid pace.

  • EUV Lithography

    EUV Lithography
    Vivek Bakshi

    Dr. Bakshi succeeds in presenting sometimes unfamiliar material in a very clear manner. This book is also valuable as a teaching tool. It has become an instant classic and far surpasses others in the EUVL field.

  • Flat Rolled Steel Processes

    Flat-Rolled Steel Processes
    Vladimir B. Ginzburg

    Providing expert insight and analysis related to technological improvements, this book will help readers understand the current state of flat steel production, how it evolved, and its future direction.

  • Investigations and Applications of Severe Plastic Deformation

    Investigations and Applications of Severe Plastic Deformation
    Terry Lowe, Ruslan Z. Valiev

    Variants of SPD methods are now capable of creating monolithic materials with submicron and nanocrystalline grain sizes. The resulting novel properties of these materials has led to a growing scientific and commercial interest in them.

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