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  • Femtosecond Laser Micromachining

    Femtosecond Laser Micromachining
    Roberto Osellame, Giulio Cerullo, Roberta Ramponi

    The book is mainly focused on micromachining of transparent materials which, due to the nonlinear absorption mechanism of ultrashort pulses, allows unique three-dimensional capabilities and can be exploited for the fabrication of complex …

  • Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing

    Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing
    Marcus Nebeling, Hans Joerg Thiele

    Filled with practical information, the book provides a clear understanding of recent developments in the dynamic field of CWDM.

  • Introduction to Nonimaging Optics Second Edition

    Introduction to Nonimaging Optics, Second Edition
    Julio Chaves

    This fully updated, revised, and expanded Second Edition: Features a new and intuitive introduction with a basic description of the advantages of nonimaging optics Adds new chapters on wavefronts for a prescribed output (irradiance or …

  • Nonlinear Optics

    Nonlinear Optics
    Karsten Rottwitt, Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg

    This pivotal work contains ten chapters and the main applications include: Optical signal processing: parametric amplification, modulators Transmission of optical signals: optical solitons, cross-phase modulation, four-wave mixing, phase …

  • Optical Wireless Communications

    Optical Wireless Communications
    Z. Ghassemlooy, W. Popoola, S. Rajbhandari

    In addition, this book broadly covers crucial aspects of OWC systems: Fundamental principles of OWC Devices and systems Modulation techniques and schemes (including polarization shift keying) Channel models and system performance analysis …

  • Finite Element Modeling Methods for Photonics

    Finite Element Modeling Methods for Photonics
    B. M. Azizur Rahman , Arti Agrawal

    In addition, this is the perfect support to anyone using the COMSOL Multiphysics© RF Module.

  • Elements of Quantum Optics

    Elements of Quantum Optics
    Pierre Meystre, Murray Sargent

    With a new chapter on quantum entanglement and quantum information, as well as added discussions of the quantum beam splitter, electromagnetically induced transparency, slow light and the input-output formalism, this fourth edition of the …

  • Physics of Photonic Devices

    Physics of Photonic Devices
    Shun Lien Chuang

    The most up-to-date book available on the physics of photonic devices This new edition of Physics of Photonic Devices incorporates significant advancements in the field of photonics that have occurred since publication of the first edition …

  • Handbook of Nonlinear Optics

    Handbook of Nonlinear Optics
    Richard L. Sutherland

    Examining classic theories, experimental methods, and practical formulas for exploration of the core topics in nonlinear optics, the second edition of this acclaimed text was extensively revised to reflect recent advances in the analysis …

  • Laser Beam Shaping Applications Second Edition

    Laser Beam Shaping Applications, Second Edition
    Fred M. Dickey, Todd E. Lizotte

    This new edition details the important features of beam shaping and exposes the subtleties of the theory and techniques that are best demonstrated through proven applications.

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