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  • Drives and Control for Industrial Automation

    Drives and Control for Industrial Automation
    Kok Kiong Tan, Andi Sudjana Putra

    Beginning with a macroscopic view of its subject, treating drives and control as parts of a single system, the book then pursues a detailed discussion of the major components of servo control: sensors, controllers and actuators.

  • Software for Your Head

    Software for Your Head
    Jim McCarthy, Michele McCarthy

    This book will give any team the know-how it needs to create its own compelling state of shared vision. 0201604566B12102001

  • The Philosopher s Stone for Sustainability

    The Philosopher’s Stone for Sustainability
    Yoshiki Shimomura, Koji Kimita

    Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2), which is defined as “an integrated industrial product and service offering that delivers value in use,” has expanded rapidly over the last decade.

  • Industrial Control Technology

    Industrial Control Technology
    Peng Zhang

    This handbook gives comprehensive coverage of all kinds of industrial control systems to help engineers and researchers correctly and efficiently implement their projects.

  • Engineering Electronic Negotiations

    Engineering Electronic Negotiations
    Michael Ströbel

    This book is geared towards technicians interested in E-Commerce application development but also offers extensive background reading for educational purposes.

  • Production Economics

    Production Economics
    Steven T. Hackman

    Each group could benefit from the other group's perspective. This book offers a unified, integrated point of view that bridges the gap between these two historically distinct perspectives.

  • Rotary Reactor Engineering

    Rotary Reactor Engineering
    Daizo Kunii, Tatsu Chisaki

    The book defines the physiochemical aspects of the rotart reactors and provides theoretical equations of their operation. The first part of this book presents the fundamentals; solid movement, conversion of solids, and heat transfer.

  • Future Trends in Production Engineering

    Future Trends in Production Engineering
    Günther Schuh, Reimund Neugebauer, Eckart Uhlmann

    These themes represent not only the key focus for the scientific work of the WGP, but also the central themes of the first annual conference in June 2011, whose paper is publically available in this volume.

  • The Future of Lean Sigma Thinking in a Changing Business Environment

    The Future of Lean Sigma Thinking in a Changing Business Environment
    David Rogers

    By following the principles discussed in this book, you will not only increase your company’s chances of achieving long-term survival but will position your organization to capitalize on the economic upturn on the horizon.

  • Make and Test Projects in Engineering Design

    Make and Test Projects in Engineering Design
    Andrew E. Samuel

    This is a book about the invention and testing of ideas. By describing how to generate engaging problem situations for engineering students to solve, it inspires original currents of thought.

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