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  • Product Reliability

    Product Reliability
    D. N. Prabhakar Murthy, Marvin Rausand, Trond Østerås

    This book can be used as a text for graduate courses on design, manufacturing, new product development and operations management and in various engineering disciplines.

  • Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies

    Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies
    John Lenk

    Step-by-step instructions and diagrams render this book essential for the student and the experimenter, as well as the design professional. Simplified Design of Switching Power Supplies concentrates on the use of IC regulators.

  • Shaft Alignment Handbook Second Edition

    Shaft Alignment Handbook, Second Edition
    John Piotrowski

    This work offers essential, step-by-step guidelines for solving complex alignment tasks quickly and accurately.

  • The Automotive Chassis

    The Automotive Chassis
    Giancarlo Genta, L. Morello

    The aim of the book is to be a reference book in automotive technology, as far as automotive chassis (i.e. everything that is inside a vehicle except the engine and the body) is concerned.

  • The Digital Consumer Technology Handbook

    The Digital Consumer Technology Handbook
    Amit Dhir

    This handbook is a much-needed, comprehensive engineering guide to the dynamic world of today's digital consumer electronics.

  • Dudley s Handbook of Practical Gear Design and Manufacture Third Edition

    Dudley’s Handbook of Practical Gear Design and Manufacture, Third Edition
    Stephen P. Radzevich

    This fully updated edition provides practical methods of gear design, and gear manufacturing methods, for high-, medium-, and low-volume production.

  • The Design Analysis Handbook

    The Design Analysis Handbook
    N. Edward Walker

    " – Frank Goodenough, Electronic Design This Handbook offers design engineers and managers immediately useful, meat-and-potatoes techniques for achieving design validation by analysis in an easy-to-read style.

  • Konstruktionselemente des Maschinenbaus 2

    Konstruktionselemente des Maschinenbaus 2
    Waldemar Steinhilper

    Die 6. Auflage stellt eine aktualisierte und berichtigte Fassung dar. Die beiden Bände des Lehrwerks umfassen das gesamte Spektrum der typischen Konstruktions- und Maschinenelemente.

  • Introduction to Thermodynamics of Mechanical Fatigue

    Introduction to Thermodynamics of Mechanical Fatigue
    Michael M. Khonsari, Mehdi Amiri

    Learn How to Apply the Entropic Approach to Fatigue Problems Comprehensive and well organized, this work helps readers apply powerful thermodynamics concepts to effectively treat fatigue problems at the design stage.

  • The Politics of Parametricism

    The Politics of Parametricism
    Matthew Poole, Manuel Shvartzberg

    The Politics of Parametricism addresses these issues, offering a collection of new essays written by leading international thinkers in the fields of digital design, architecture, theory and technology.

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