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  • GB 1352 2009 Translated English of Chinese Standard GB1352 2009

    GB 1352-2009: Translated English of Chinese Standard. GB1352-2009.
    Wayne Zheng

    This Standard specifies soybean-related terms and definitions, classification, quality requirements and health requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules, label and mark, and package, storage and transportation requirements.

  • A Sense of Place

    A Sense of Place
    Steven Kolpan

    In A Sense of Place, renowned wine expert and writer Steven Kolpan tells the story of how Francis Ford Coppola brought California's most distinguished and historic vineyard back to life.

  • Aviation Food Safety

    Aviation Food Safety
    Erica Sheward

    In this much needed book Erica Sheward makes a compelling case for better management of food safety for all aspects of the aircraft food supply chain with comprehensive coverage of: HACCP Codes of practice Supply chain logistics Fitness to …

  • Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans

    Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans
    Gregory J. Anderson, Gordon D. McLaren

    This important new volume is the benchmark in the complex area of interrelationships between the essentiality of iron, its functions throughout the body, including its critical role in erythropoiesis, the biochemistry and clinical relevance …

  • Fennema s Food Chemistry Fourth Edition

    Fennema’s Food Chemistry, Fourth Edition
    Srinivasan Damodaran, Kirk L. Parkin, Owen R. Fennema

    This latest edition of the most internationally respected reference in food chemistry for more than 30 years, Fennema’s Food Chemistry once again meets and surpasses the standards of quality, comprehensive information set by its …

  • Nonthermal Processing Technologies for Food

    Nonthermal Processing Technologies for Food
    Howard Q. Zhang, Gustavo V. Barbosa-C?novas, V. M. Bala Balasubramaniam, C. Patrick Dunne, Daniel F. Farkas, James T. C. Yuan

    Overall, the book provides systematic knowledge to industrial readers, with numerous examples of process design to serve as a reference book.

  • B Vitamins and Folate

    B Vitamins and Folate
    Victor R. Preedy

    Written by an expert team, this research compilation provides a fascinating insight into the scientific knowledge around these compounds for health and nutritional scientists.

  • Biscuit Cracker and Cookie Recipes for the Food Industry

    Biscuit, Cracker and Cookie Recipes for the Food Industry
    Duncan Manley

    Take advantage of over thirty years of industry experience Compare your recipes with over 150 included in this book – improve, refine and experiment Enhance your product development process with sample recipes from all areas of this …

  • Shelf Life Evaluation of Foods

    Shelf Life Evaluation of Foods
    Adrian Jones

    This book, therefore, begins with five chapters reviewing the prin ciples of shelf life evaluation. These are followed by ten chapters on a number of selected food products.

  • Handbook of Olive Oil

    Handbook of Olive Oil
    Ramón Aparicio-Ruiz, John Harwood

    This edition also details changes that are needed in different disciplines in order to overcome current problems and challenges. The Handbook of Olive Oil presents an up-to-date view of all aspects of olive oil.

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