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  • Strategies and Tactics for Management of Fertilized Hatchery Ponds

    Strategies and Tactics for Management of Fertilized Hatchery Ponds
    Douglas Tave, Richard O Anderson

    This book covers the production of a variety of fish, as well as shrimp, and provides a framework for a systems approach to management decisionmaking.

  • Tweed to Northern Isles

    Tweed to Northern Isles
    Mike Smylie

    The first of six volumes covering the fishing industry of the UK and Ireland.

  • Constructing Cooperation

    Constructing Cooperation
    Sara G. Singleton

    Considers how cooperation between public and private groups brings about systems of balanced management of an important common pool resource

  • Ecological Biomarkers

    Ecological Biomarkers
    Claude Amiard-Triquet, Jean-Claude Amiard, Philip S. Rainbow

    This book describes the core biomarkers currently used in environmental research concerned with biological monitoring, biomarkers which correspond to the defences developed by living organisms in response to contaminants in their …

  • Stock Identification Methods

    Stock Identification Methods
    Steven X. Cadrin, Lisa A. Kerr, Stefano Mariani

    The book is organized to foster interdisciplinary analyses and conclusions about stock structure, a crucial topic for fishery science and management.

  • Fishery Co Management

    Fishery Co-Management
    Robert S. Pomeroy, Rebecca Rivera-Guieb

    This approach iscalled co-management.This handbook describes the process of community-based co-management from its beginning, throughimplementation, to turnover to the community.

  • Evapro Evaluasi Proyek Teori dan Aplikasi pada Usaha Pembesaran Ikan Sidat Anguilla sp

    Evapro (Evaluasi Proyek) : Teori dan Aplikasi pada Usaha Pembesaran Ikan Sidat (Anguilla sp)
    Mimit Primyastanto

    Potensi sumberdaya perikanan ikan sidat masih belum banyak dimanfaatkan, padahal ikan sidat ini baik dalam ukuran benih maupun ukuran konsumsi kuantitasnya cukup melimpah.

  • Echinoderms Through Time

    Echinoderms Through Time
    Bruno David, Alain Guille, Jean-Pierre Feral

    Echinoderms are now considered as a biological and geological model that underlies researches of primary importance.

  • Phytoplankton Productivity

    Phytoplankton Productivity
    Peter J. le B. Williams, David N. Thomas, Colin S. Reynolds

    Each chapter of this important work has been written by internationally-acknowledged experts in the subject, and the whole has been carefully drawn together and edited to provide a book that is an essential tool and reference for all …

  • Symbiosis in Fishes

    Symbiosis in Fishes
    Ilan Karplus

    This is the first attempt to critically review in a single volume all associations of fishes with invertebrates based on the latest studies in these areas, together with studies published many years ago and little cited since then.

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