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  • Construction Science and Materials

    Construction Science and Materials
    Surinder Singh Virdi

    Chapters end with numerical questions covering a range of problems and their answers are given at the end of the book and on the book’s website.

  • Disrupting Mobility

    Disrupting Mobility
    Gereon Meyer, Susan Shaheen

    This book explores the opportunities and challenges of the sharing economy and innovative transportation technologies with regard to urban mobility.

  • Future Sustainable Ecosystems

    Future Sustainable Ecosystems
    Nathaniel K Newlands

    The book highlights the importance of statistics in guiding, designing and delivering real-world solutions and helping to unravel the complex array of tradeoffs, uncertainties, inter-dependencies and unforeseen risks.

  • Municipal Sewage Sludge Management A Reference Text on Processing Volume 4

    Municipal Sewage Sludge Management: A Reference Text on Processing …, Volume 4
    Cecil Lue-Hing

    It also contains valuable information on the available methods for final disposition of this sludge. This textbook can be used for planning, designing, and implementing municipal sewage sludge management projects.

  • Biodegradable Polymers and Plastics

    Biodegradable Polymers and Plastics
    Emo Chiellini, Roberto Solaro

  • The Denial of Nature

    The Denial of Nature
    Arne Johan Vetlesen

    A study of the increasingly precarious relationship between humans and nature, this book seeks to go beyond work already contributed to the environmental movement.

  • Stone in Architecture

    Stone in Architecture
    Erhard Winkler

    This book surveys important stone properties, both physical and chemical, pertinent to the needs of architects, engineers and stone producers.

  • Handbook of Biological Wastewater Treatment

    Handbook of Biological Wastewater Treatment
    Adrianus C. van Haandel, J. G. M. van der Lubbe

    The scope of this comprehensive new edition of Handbook of Biological Wastewater Treatment ranges from the design of the activated sludge system, final settlers, auxiliary units (sludge thickeners and digesters) to pre-treatment units such …

  • Introduction to Geodesy

    Introduction to Geodesy
    James R. Smith

    This is the only book on the market designed to provide readers with an introduction to geodesy without the usual emphasis on complex mathematics. Describes such positioning techniques as horizontal and vertical geodetic datums.

  • Risk Management for Design and Construction

    Risk Management for Design and Construction
    Ovidiu Cretu, Robert B. Stewart, Terry Berends

    This book introduces risk as a central pillar of project management and shows how a project manager can be prepared for dealing with uncertainty.

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