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  • International Perspectives on Maps and the Internet

    International Perspectives on Maps and the Internet
    Michael P. Peterson

    The Internet presents the map user with both a faster method of map distribution and different forms of mapping. This book provides an international perspective on this growing area of information dissemination.

  • Exkursionsbericht Landeskunde Hohenlohe

    Exkursionsbericht Landeskunde Hohenlohe
    Katrin O.

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2011 im Fachbereich Geowissenschaften / Geographie – Kartographie, Geodäsie, Geoinformationswissenschaften, Note: 2,0, Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Der folgende Bericht …

  • Mapping Cultures

    Mapping Cultures
    Les Roberts

    An interdisciplinary collection exploring the practices and cultures of mapping in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

  • Rome Measured and Imagined

    Rome Measured and Imagined
    Jessica Maier

    She also advances our understanding of early modern cartography, which embodies a delicate, intentional balance between science and art. The text is beautifully illustrated with nearly 100 images of the genre, a dozen of them in color."

  • Spying with Maps

    Spying with Maps
    Mark Monmonier

    In Spying with Maps, the "mapmatician" Mark Monmonier looks at the increased use of geographic data, satellite imagery, and location tracking across a wide range of fields such as military intelligence, law enforcement, market research, and …

  • Topographie

    Peter Kohlstock

    Folgende Themen werden entsprechend ihrer Bedeutung f r die Topographie behandelt: Tachymetrie, terrestrische Photogrammetrie, terrestrisches Laserscanning, Aerophotogrammetrie, Aero-Laserscanning, Radar- und Satellitenbildverfahren, …

  • In the Memory of the Map

    In the Memory of the Map
    Christopher Norment

    Explores the relationship between maps, memory, and experience through personal stories.

  • Observation of the System Earth from Space CHAMP GRACE GOCE Issue 20

    Observation of the System Earth from Space – CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE …, Issue 20
    Frank Flechtner, Nico Sneeuw, Wolf-Dieter Schuh

    The Earth’s surface is subject to anthropogenetic changes, to changes driven by the Sun, Moon and planets, and by changes caused by processes in the Earth system. The state parameters and their changes are best monitored from space.

  • Ancient Perspectives

    Ancient Perspectives
    Richard J. A. Talbert

    Even though none of these civilizations devised the means to measure time or distance with precision, they still conceptualized their surroundings, natural and man-made, near and far, and felt the urge to record them by inventive means that …

  • Korea

    John R. Short

    In his final section, Short covers the period from Japanese colonial control of Korea to the present day and demonstrates how some of the tumultuous events of the past hundred years are recorded and contested in maps.

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