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  • Ultrasound contrast agents

    Ultrasound contrast agents
    Gaio Paradossi, Paolo Pellegretti, Andrea Trucco

    This is chance is also supported by the recent achievements in modelling and signal processing.

  • Listening to Nineteenth century America

    Listening to Nineteenth-century America
    Mark Michael Smith

    Arguing for the importance of the aural dimension of history, Mark M. Smith contends that to understand what it meant to be northern or southern, slave or free–to understand sectionalism and the attitudes toward modernity that led to the …

  • Ableton Live 8 and Suite 8

    Ableton Live 8 and Suite 8
    Keith Robinson, Huston Singletary

    Learn how to create, produce and perform a whole new way; prepare to unlock the power of Live. This book and DVD combination shows, if you get it right, exactly what Ableton Live can deliver.

  • Audio Power Amplifier Design

    Audio Power Amplifier Design
    Douglas Self

    This book is essential for audio power amplifier designers and engineers for one simple reason…it enables you as a professional to develop reliable, high-performance circuits.

  • Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

    Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
    David M. Howard, Jamie Angus

    This book will help you: Gain a basic grounding in acoustics and psychoacoustics with respect to music audio technology systems Incorporate knowledge of psychoacoustics in future music technology system designs as appropriate Understand how …

  • Valve Amplifiers

    Valve Amplifiers
    Morgan Jones

    This book enables readers to understand, create, reconfigure and personalize high-end, audiophile quality amplifiers.

  • Discord

    Mike Goldsmith

    Given the importance of managing noise levels and developing suitable 'soundscapes' in contexts such as industry, schools, or public spaces, this is an area of active research for acousticians.

  • Introduction to Digital Audio

    Introduction to Digital Audio
    John Watkinson

    Thoroughly researched, totally up-to-date and technically accurate this is the only book you need on the subject.

  • Vibration Analysis and Structural Dynamics for Civil Engineers

    Vibration Analysis and Structural Dynamics for Civil Engineers
    Alphose Zingoni

    The book consists of 11 chapters with topics that include: The vibration of discrete systems or lumped parameter models The free and forced response of single degree-of-freedom systems The vibration of systems with multiple degrees of …

  • Robust Automatic Speech Recognition

    Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
    Jinyu Li, Li Deng, Reinhold Haeb-Umbach, Yifan Gong

    The book covers noise-robust techniques designed for acoustic models which are based on both Gaussian mixture models and deep neural networks. In addition, a guide to selecting the best methods for practical applications is provided.

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