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  • The Psychology of Genocide Massacres and Extreme Violence

    The Psychology of Genocide, Massacres, and Extreme Violence
    Donald G. Dutton

    A psychologist explains how and why "normal" people are transformed, in a relatively short amount of time, into sadistic torturers and mass killers for a cause.

  • Theatres Of Violence

    Theatres Of Violence
    Philip G. Dwyer, Lyndall Ryan

    This volume offers a reflection on the nature of mass killings and extreme violence across regions and across centuries, and brings together a wide range of approaches and case studies.

  • Soul Rape

    Soul Rape
    Heyward Bruce Ewart

    In this book, survivors and professionals will discover: How celebrities become addicts Why twelve-step programs don't work and can be extremely harmful What a faith-based 7-step program for abuse recovery can do for you How addressing …

  • The Legacy of Walter Rodney in Guyana and the Caribbean

    The Legacy of Walter Rodney in Guyana and the Caribbean
    Arnold Gibbons

    Walter Rodney claimed developing countries were heirs to uneven development and ethnic disequilibrium, including continued forms of oppression from the capitalist countries and their own leaders.

  • The Spectacular City

    The Spectacular City
    Daniel M. Goldstein

    DIVThis study analyzes a popular festival and vigilante lynching, examining them as a form of political spectacle performed by improverished people who want to gain access to the potential benefits of citizenship in a modern city./div …

  • Researching Violence

    Researching Violence
    Raymond M. Lee, Elizabeth Anne Stanko

    It also investigates the ethical and emotional issues arising from working with the victims and perpetrators of violence. This book will be indispensable for students and academics doing research projects on violence.

  • Ethnologia Europaea Vol 33 2

    Ethnologia Europaea Vol. 33:2
    Regina Bendix

    The symposium 'Sleepers, Moles, and Martyrs: Secret Identifications, Societal Integration, and the Differing Meanings of Freedom' held in Reinhausen, 2002, formed the basis of this issue of Ethnologia Europaea.

  • Shattered Innocence

    Shattered Innocence
    Robert Scott

    With police and psychologist testimony, this book shows how Garrido managed to get out of a 50-year prison sentence—to shatter the innocence of Jaycee Lee Dugard forever. . . Includes 16 pages of photos

  • Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean Volume 2

    Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean, Volume 2
    Daurius Figueira

    This book deals with threats to the sustainability of specific Caribbean states in the face of the concerted threats posed by the illicit drug trade, the illicit gun trade, human smuggling and the sex trade.

  • Revolutionary Currents

    Revolutionary Currents
    Michael A. Morrison, Melinda S. Zook

    So she must persuade them–and Adam Barr, her grandfather's envoy–that she'd make a thoroughly unsuitable wife. Adam isn't convinced. Regina might be unconventional, but she has wit, spirit and warmth.

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