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  • Marriage and Violence

    Marriage and Violence
    Frances E. Dolan

    Marriage is often described as a melding of two people into one. But what—or who—must be lost, fragmented, or buried in that process? Dolan reveals the contradiction that lies at the very heart of modern marriage.

  • War Is Coming

    War Is Coming
    Sami Hermez

    In War Is Coming, Sami Hermez argues that the country's political leaders have enabled the continuation of violence and examines how people live between these periods of conflict.

  • Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean Volume 2

    Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking in the Caribbean, Volume 2
    Daurius Figueira

    This book deals with threats to the sustainability of specific Caribbean states in the face of the concerted threats posed by the illicit drug trade, the illicit gun trade, human smuggling and the sex trade.

  • Revolutionary Currents

    Revolutionary Currents
    Michael A. Morrison, Melinda S. Zook

    So she must persuade them–and Adam Barr, her grandfather's envoy–that she'd make a thoroughly unsuitable wife. Adam isn't convinced. Regina might be unconventional, but she has wit, spirit and warmth.

  • Tactical Rape in War and Conflict

    Tactical Rape in War and Conflict
    Brenda Fitzpatrick

    This is the first book to analyse the use of rape as a tactic of war and international progress away from tacit acceptance to active rejection of this violation of international law.

  • Conflict and Communication

    Conflict and Communication
    Daniel Shapiro, Lisa Pilsitz, Susan Shapiro

    The book is divided into two parts: Conflict Management and Student Mediation.

  • Cattivi per sempre

    Cattivi per sempre?
    Ornella Favero

    E se non fosse così? Ornella Favero – da vent’anni impegnata, con Ristretti Orizzonti, nell’informazione, nella formazione e negli interventi sulle pene e sul carcere – ha compiuto un viaggio nell’Alta Sicurezza.

  • The Lucifer Effect

    The Lucifer Effect
    Philip Zimbardo

    The Lucifer Effect won the William James Book Award in 2008.

  • Wounded City

    Wounded City
    Robert Vargas

    Robert Vargas argues that the state, through different patterns of governance, can contribute to distrust and division among community members.

  • Violence Identity and Self determination

    Violence, Identity, and Self-determination
    Hent de Vries

    Rather than concentrating on the socioeconomic or political backgrounds of these historical changes, the contributors to this volume rethink the concept of violence, both in itself and in relation to the formation and transformation of …

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