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  • Counting on the Census

    Counting on the Census?
    Peter Skerry

    In "Counting on the Census?" Peter Skerry confirms the persistence of minority undercounts and insists that racial and ethnic data are critical to the administration of policies affecting minorities.

  • Discovering Statistics Using R

    Discovering Statistics Using R
    Andy Field, Jeremy Miles, Zoë Field

    The R version of Andy Field's hugely popular Discovering Statistics Using SPSS takes students on a journey of statistical discovery using the freeware R. Like its sister textbook, Discovering Statistics Using R is written in an irreverent …

  • Population Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health with Special Reference to HIV AIDS

    Population, Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health with Special Reference to HIV/AIDS
    United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs. Population Division

    This Report provides a summary of selected aspects of reproductive rights and reproductive health, covering the following topics: entry into reproductive life; reproductive behaviour; family planning; abortion; maternal mortality and …

  • Population Based Survey Experiments

    Population-Based Survey Experiments
    Diana C. Mutz

    Drawing on examples from across the social sciences, this book covers everything you need to know to plan, implement, and analyze the results of population-based survey experiments. But it is more than just a "how to" manual.

  • Iron and Steel Industry in 2001

    Iron and Steel Industry in 2001

    This annual publication provides statistical tables showing steel production, consumption, and trade data, as well as other indicators of activity such as employment levels, annual investment expenditures by sector and by country, export …

  • Multivariate Statistical Methods

    Multivariate Statistical Methods
    George A. Marcoulides, Scott L. Hershberger

    An introductory text for students learning multivariate statistical methods for the first time, this book keeps mathematical details to a minimum while conveying the basic principles.

  •              к

    Голая статистика
    Чарльз Уилан

    Статистика помогает принимать важные решения, находить скрытые взаимосвязи между явлениями, лучше понимать ситуацию в бизнесе и …

  • Mathematics and Politics

    Mathematics and Politics
    Alan D. Taylor, Allison M. Pacelli

    " The examples and the exercises have been updated and enhanced throughout. Reviews from first edition: This book is well written and has much math of interest.

  • The New Worlds of Thomas Robert Malthus

    The New Worlds of Thomas Robert Malthus
    Alison Bashford, Joyce E. Chaplin

    The New Worlds of Thomas Robert Malthus is a sweeping global and intellectual history that radically recasts our understanding of Malthus's Essay on the Principle of Population, the most famous book on population ever written or ever likely …

  • Data Analysis with Mplus

    Data Analysis with Mplus
    Christian Geiser

    A practical introduction to using Mplus for the analysis of multivariate data, this volume provides step-by-step guidance, complete with real data examples, numerous screen shots, and output excerpts.

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