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  • When Sacred and Secular Mix

    When Sacred and Secular Mix
    Stephen V. Monsma

    Based on a massive nation-wide survey of nearly 800 such groups, Stephen V. Monsma's important study explores the implications of this financial partnership.

  • New Religions in Global Perspective

    New Religions in Global Perspective
    Peter Bernard Clarke

    Ranging from North America and Europe to Japan, Latin America, South Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, the book provides students with a complete introduction to groups such as Falun Gong, Soka Gakkai, the Brahma Kumaris, the Nation of Islam …

  • Strong at the Broken Places

    Strong at the Broken Places
    Stewart Delisle Govig

    Stewart Govig, himself disabled, provides a practical resource that enables congregational communities to achieve a balance of realism and hope in responding to the needs of all of its members.

  • Guru English

    Guru English
    Srinivas Aravamudan

    The book surveys a specific set of religious vocabularies from South Asia that, Aravamudan argues, launches a different kind of cosmopolitanism into global use.

  • Religion and the Law

    Religion and the Law
    Philip B. Kurland

    This is a classic study by one of the great theorists of American constitutional law.

  • Hollywood Faith

    Hollywood Faith
    Gerardo Marti

    The first book to provide an in-depth look at religion among the "creative class," Hollywood Faith will fascinate those interested in the modern evangelical movement and anyone who wants to understand how religion adapts to social change.

  • Living Faith

    Living Faith
    Susan Crawford Sullivan

    Offering a sophisticated analysis of how faith both motivates and at times constrains poor mothers’ actions, Living Faith reveals the ways it serves as a lens through which many view and interpret their worlds.

  • Religion in Society

    Religion in Society
    Ronald L. Johnstone

    Using an unbiased, balanced approach, the 8th edition of this text puts religion in its social context by discussing the impact of society on religion and helps students understand the role and function of religion in society that occur …

  • North American Buddhists in Social Context

    North American Buddhists in Social Context
    Paul David Numrich

    The first multi-author collection of social scientific scholarship on North American Buddhists, this volume examines the current state of research and key aspects of Buddhist life and experience in social context.

  • Created Equal

    Created Equal
    Robert S. Junge

    This thoughtful study traces the roots of individual and group prejudice from infancy to maturity, then offers some new and interesting answers.

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