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  • Cyberprotest

    Wim B. H. J. van de Donk

    Cyberprotestexplores the effects of the synergy between ICTs and people power, analyzing the implications for politics and social policy at both a national and a global level.

  • Social Exclusion Power and Video Game Play

    Social Exclusion, Power, and Video Game Play
    David G. Embrick, Talmadge J. Wright, Andras Lukacs

    The articles presented by the contributors in this volume represent cutting-edge research in the area of critical game play with the hope to draw attention to the need for more studies that are both sociological and critical.

  • Peddlers of Crisis

    Peddlers of Crisis
    Jerry Wayne Sanders

    Analyzes the U.S. foreign policy toward the Soviet Union

  • Felix Longoria s Wake

    Felix Longoria’s Wake
    Patrick Carroll

    In this book, Patrick Carroll provides the first fully researched account of the Longoria controversy and its far-reaching consequences.

  • The Ideal Foundations of Economic Thought

    The Ideal Foundations of Economic Thought
    Werner Stark

    Published in 1998, The Ideal Foundations of Economic Thought is a valuable contribution to the field of Sociology & Social Policy.

  • Dissecting the Social

    Dissecting the Social
    Peter Hedstrom

    In this important book, leading social theorist Peter Hedström outlines the foundations of an analytically oriented sociology that seeks to address this criticism.

  • Schl√ sselwerke der Cultural Studies

    Schl√ľsselwerke der Cultural Studies
    Andreas Hepp, Friedrich Krotz, Tanja Thomas

    Auf diese Weise er√∂ffnet das Buch 'Schl√ľsselwerke der Cultural Studies' einen umfassenden Einstieg in diesen aktuellen und kritischen Zugang der Medien-, Kommunikations- und Kulturforschung.

  • The Multicultural Riddle

    The Multicultural Riddle
    Gerd Baumann

    Multiculturalism is not the old concept of culture multiplied by the number of groups that exist, but a new, and internally plural, praxis of culture applied to oneself and to others. This is what this book tries to show.

  • Intellectual Tacking

    Intellectual Tacking
    Jacqueline Letzter

    This is one of the first synthetic studies of Charri re's entire oeuvre, and it turns its attention to Charri re's overlooked contribution as an intellectual in the eighteenth-century debate over education.

  • The Environment

    The Environment
    Philip W. Sutton

    Is sustainable development really possible? Can environmental risks be avoided? Is our experience of nature changing? This book shows how questions about the environment cannot be properly answered without taking a sociological approach.

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