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  • Maintaining Children in School

    Maintaining Children in School
    Jeni Vernon, Ruth Sinclair

    The increasing numbers of children and young people excluded from school have been seen largely as an education issue; often the focus has been on the decision to exclude children or reintegrate them back into school.

  • A Reader on Prevention and Social Policies

    A Reader on Prevention and Social Policies
    Canadian Council on Social Development, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg

    First published in 1982, this book examines issues of prevention in a Canadian context, culling comment and experience from those deeply involved in human service delivery.

  • Partnering with Parents

    Partnering with Parents
    Barry Trute, Diane Hiebert-Murphy

    Filling this significant gap, Partnering with Parents is a primer on family-centred practice for professionals working in children's health and developmental services.

  • Becoming a Trainer in Adult Abuse Work

    Becoming a Trainer in Adult Abuse Work
    Jacki Pritchard

    This work deals with a comprehensive range of issues including: a selection of trainers and practicalities such as venue, equipment, refreshments; and policy, law and evaluation and difficult issues ranging from disclosure and …

  • Awe and Trembling

    Awe and Trembling
    E. Mark Stern, Robert B. Marchesani

    This valuable book will provide you with a unique perspective on panic and awe to help your clients overcome their anxieties and heal themselves and their lives so they can regain their emotional and physical independence.

  • Housing First

    Housing First
    Deborah Padgett M.P.H, Benjamin Henwood Ph.D., Sam Tsemberis Ph.D.

    This book is the first to chronicle the story of Housing First (HF), a paradigm-shifting evidence-based approach to ending homelessness that began in New York City in 1992 and rapidly spread to other cities nationally and internationally.

  • Financial Viability of the Social Housing Sector

    Financial Viability of the Social Housing Sector
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts

    The Department expects the Programme to support the provision of approximately 80,000 homes in the four years from April 2011 to March 2015.

  • Development in Short term Care

    Development in Short-term Care
    Kirsten Stalker

    The first book to bring together and review the findings of research into short-term care services for a range of user groups, this book addresses the question of short-term care from many perspectives.

  • Youth Justice and Social Work

    Youth Justice and Social Work
    Jane Pickford, Paul Dugmore

    A complete guide to youth justice for social workers.

  • Practitioner Based research

    Practitioner Based-research
    John Lees, Dawn Freshwater

    This book is concerned, in particular, with the research which is undertaken by healthcare practitioners and the evidence which they generate as a result of investigating their practice.

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