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  • Dressing Constitutionally

    Dressing Constitutionally
    Ruthann Robson

    This book examines the rights to expression and equality, and the restraints on government power, as they both limit and allow control of our personal choices.

  • Listening to Nineteenth century America

    Listening to Nineteenth-century America
    Mark Michael Smith

    Arguing for the importance of the aural dimension of history, Mark M. Smith contends that to understand what it meant to be northern or southern, slave or free–to understand sectionalism and the attitudes toward modernity that led to the …

  • Third Wave Capitalism

    Third Wave Capitalism
    John Ehrenreich

    In Third Wave Capitalism, John Ehrenreich documents the emergence of a new stage in the history of American capitalism.

  • Class Construction

    Class Construction
    Carrie Freie

    Class Construction: White Working-Class Student Identity in the New Millennium explores the identity development of a group of white working-class high school students in a de-industrialized area of the Northeast.

  • Race and Gender in the Classroom

    Race and Gender in the Classroom
    Laurie Cooper Stoll

    This is ultimately a story, however, about how the institution of education itself operates in a “post-racial” and “post-gendered” society.

  • Building The Russian State Institutional Crisis And The

    Building The Russian State: Institutional Crisis And The …
    Valerie Sperling

    By focusing on the challenges, failures, and occasional successes of the Russian political system, this volume offers valuable insight into post-Soviet politics, state-building, and transitions to democracy.

  • The Legacy of Walter Rodney in Guyana and the Caribbean

    The Legacy of Walter Rodney in Guyana and the Caribbean
    Arnold Gibbons

    Walter Rodney claimed developing countries were heirs to uneven development and ethnic disequilibrium, including continued forms of oppression from the capitalist countries and their own leaders.

  • The English Peasantry and the Growth of Lordship

    The English Peasantry and the Growth of Lordship
    Rosamond Faith

    Drawing on work in archaeology and landscape studies, as well as on documentary sources, the book describes a fundamental division within the peasantry: that between the very dependent tenants and agricultural workers on the "inland" of the …

  • Greedy Bastards

    Greedy Bastards
    Dylan Ratigan

    The host of The Dylan Ratigan Show and creator of Fast Money provides a blueprint for overcoming partisan and corrupt government while restoring the American Dream, identifying five key areas of national concern including education, health …

  • Exploring the Urban Past

    Exploring the Urban Past
    Harold James Dyos, H. J. Dyos, David Cannadine, David Reeder

    In part, this was due to the work of the late H. J. Dyos. This book brings together some of Dyos's most important and influential essays, written over nearly thirty years.

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