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  • Under the Flags of Freedom

    Under the Flags of Freedom
    Peter Blanchard

    Under the Flags of Freedom sheds new light on the vital contribution of slaves to the wars for Latin American independence, which, up until now, has been largely ignored in the histories and collective memories of these nations.

  • The Fugitive s Gibraltar

    The Fugitive’s Gibraltar
    Kathryn Grover

    An investigation of one city's emergence as a safe haven for fugitive slaves.

  • Bloody Dawn

    Bloody Dawn
    Thomas P. Slaughter

    Bloody Dawn vividly tells this dramatic story of escape, manhunt, riot, and the ensuing trial, detailing its importance in heightening the tensions that led to the Civil War.

  • Disowning Slavery

    Disowning Slavery
    Joanne Pope Melish

    Drawing on a wide array of primary sources—from slaveowners' diaries to children's daybooks to racist broadsides—Joanne Pope Melish reveals not only how northern society changed but how its perceptions changed as well.

  • Slavery and Sentiment

    Slavery and Sentiment
    Christine Levecq

    Illuminates the political dimensions of American and British antislavery texts written by blacks

  • The Religious Instruction of the Negroes

    The Religious Instruction of the Negroes
    Charles Colcock Jones

    This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923.

  • Abolition Movement

    Abolition Movement
    T. Adams Upchurch

    This powerful narrative tells the triumphant story of the men and women who spent their lives and fortunes trying to abolish the institution of slavery in the United States. • Contains excerpts from speeches and writings of William Lloyd …

  • The Transformation of American Abolitionism

    The Transformation of American Abolitionism
    Richard S. Newman

    Newman traces the abolition movement's transformation from the American Revolution to 1830, showing how what began in late-18th-century Pennsylvania as an elite movement espousing gradual legal reform had by the 1830s become a radical, …

  • Sugar

    James Walvin

    This is exactly what Walvin helps us to do.

  • In the Shadow of Dred Scott

    In the Shadow of Dred Scott
    Kelly Kennington

    The Dred Scott suit for freedom, argues Kelly M. Kennington, was merely the most famous example of a phenomenon that was more widespread in antebellum American jurisprudence than is generally recognized.

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