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  • Cades Cove

    Cades Cove
    Durwood Dunn

    In moving detail this book brings to life an isolated mountain community, its struggle to survive, and the tragedy of its demise. "Professor Dunn provides us with a model historical investigation of a southern mountain community.

  • Europe after Enlargement

    Europe after Enlargement
    Anders Aslund, Marek Dabrowski

    Where is Europe going? In this 2007 collection, several prominent European economists offer essays on the five big challenges to the development of the European Union (EU).

  • Chinese Management in the Harmonious Society

    Chinese Management in the ‘Harmonious Society’
    Malcolm Warner, Chris Rowley

    This book was published as a special issue of Asia Pacific Business Review.

  • Foundations of the Knowledge Economy

    Foundations of the Knowledge Economy
    Knut Ingar Westeren

    This book presents new evidence concerning the influential role of context and institutions on the relations between knowledge, innovation, clusters and learning.

  • A Guide to Slavic Collections in the United States and Canada

    A Guide to Slavic Collections in the United States and Canada
    Allan Urbanic, Beth Feinberg

    This unique book includes facts and figures on special collections, finding aids, catalogs, Web access, and bibliographies for further readings.

  • Biblical Prophets in the Qur an and Muslim Literature

    Biblical Prophets in the Qur’an and Muslim Literature
    Roberto Tottoli

    Part 1 is a comprehensive study of the Qur'anic data about each prophet, with a full portrait of every figure and dealing also with all the major scholarly literature on the subject and with the Qur'anic concept of prophetology.

  • Morocco Under Colonial Rule

    Morocco Under Colonial Rule
    Robin Bidwell

    This evaluation of the work of a colonial administration uses an analysis of the policies employed in the fields of education, administration, justice and agriculture.

  • Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia

    Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia
    Masahiro Kawai, Gordon de Brouwer

    This raises a complex set of issues and this volume provides a detailed yet comprehensive examination of key issues in the debate.

  • An Agenda for a Growing Europe

    An Agenda for a Growing Europe
    André Sapir, Philippe Aghion, Giuseppe Bertola, Martin Hellwig, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Dariusz Rosati, José Viñals, Helen Wallace, Marco Buti, Mario Nava, Peter M. Smith

    This book is the report of a high-level group commissioned by the President of the European Commission to review the EU economic system and propose a blueprint for an economic system capable of delivering faster growth along with stability …

  • Redeeming the Communist Past

    Redeeming the Communist Past
    Anna M. Grzymala-Busse

    This major study examines the regeneration of the former communist parties in East Central Europe after 1989.

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