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  • Pornography and the Justices

    Pornography and the Justices
    Richard F. Hixson

    As long as the government does not discriminate against specific points of view and as long as there is ample protection of minors and nonconsenting adults, Hixson argues that the private collection of pornography is up to the individual.

  • From Victim to Victor to Victim Again

    From Victim to Victor to Victim Again
    J. O. Bass

    " The results and comparisons of the author's research are described in depth in the pages of this book, along with his professional analysis of the situation as it existed over the last 50 years and at the present time.

  • Porn

    Robert J. Stoller

    Bill, Merlin, Happy, and Kay are among the porn-film performers and producers who tell their stories to Dr. Robert J. Stoller in this pschyodynamic ethnography of adult heterosexual pornography.

  • Beyond Tolerance

    Beyond Tolerance
    Philip Jenkins

    As the last generation of witnesses to the Holocaust testify to its horrors, tehy must also testify to its heroes – those who risked all to safe lives. These movingly told stories restore our faith in the human spirit.

  • Dear Sex Worker A Letter to All Prostitutes

    Dear Sex Worker, A Letter to All Prostitutes:
    Street Prostitute,Escort Prostitute,Gay Prostitute

    Dear sex workers, prostitutes, friends. This is a precious love letter to all prostitutes and sex workers globally. Please read and forward the mail. Open Letter to Prostitutes.

  • Art et pornographie

    Art et pornographie
    George Fonsegrive

    En réponse à ce congrès, le philosophe Fonsegrive propose une définition de la pornographie dans cet essai littéraire et disserte sur l'art, en prenant sa défense.

  • Breaking the Silence

    Breaking the Silence
    Bernie Anderson

    Offering insight, encouragement, and resources, Breaking the Silence boldly reveals the truth about this addiction and how you can protect yourself and your family from the dangers of pornography. Book jacket.

  • Burlesque West

    Burlesque West
    Becki Ross

    In Burlesque West,the first critical history of this notorious striptease scene, Becki Ross delves into the erotic entertainment industry at the northern end of the dancers' west coast tour – the North-South route from Los Angeles to …

  • The playboy and James Bond

    The playboy and James Bond
    Claire Hines

    This is the first book to focus on James Bond's relationship to the playboy ideal through the sixties and beyond.

  • Tales of Times Square

    Tales of Times Square
    Josh Alan Friedman

    With this edition, Tales of Times Square returns to print with seven new chapters.

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