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  • Genuine Individuals and Genuine Communities

    Genuine Individuals and Genuine Communities
    Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley

    In this brilliantly articulated book, ethicist Jacquelyn Kegley carefully explicates and enlarges the scope of Roycean thought and shows that Royce's views on public philosophy have direct and valuable application to current social problems …

  • British Culture

    British Culture
    David Christopher

    Topics include: –the social and cultural setting: politics and society 1950-1999, including immigration, feminism, Thatcherism and the arts and the Blair revolution –language and culture: accents and minority languages, broadcasting and …

  • Icons of Women s Sport 2 volumes

    Icons of Women’s Sport [2 volumes]
    Kelly Boyer Sagert, Steven J. Overman

    The book contains biographies of 36 women athletes—American and international—who excelled in competitive sports from the post-World War I era through the modern era in a dozen different sports.

  • Opium

    Francis Moraes, Debra Kita

    A discourse, beginning with the history of early use; covering opium's effects along with its complicated chemical structure and numerous derivatives.

  • Renaissance Revivals

    Renaissance Revivals
    Wendy Griswold

    Renaissance Revivals examines patterns in the London revivals of two English Renaissance theatre genres over the past four centuries.

  • Nerds

    David Anderegg

    Watch a QuickTime trailer for this book.

  • Sayonara Amerika Sayonara Nippon

    Sayonara Amerika, Sayonara Nippon
    Michael Bourdaghs

    Michael Bourdaghs composes the first English-language study of this phenomenon, considering genres as diverse as boogie-woogie, rockabilly, enka, 1960s rock and roll, 1970s New Music, folk, and technopop.

  • Literacy and Popular Culture

    Literacy and Popular Culture
    Jackie Marsh, Elaine Millard

    This book demonstrates how to use children's interests in popular culture to develop literacy in the primary classroom.

  • Ball Cap Nation

    Ball Cap Nation
    Jim Lilliefors

    The baseball cap has become our National Hat.

  • Hollywood Faith

    Hollywood Faith
    Gerardo Marti

    The first book to provide an in-depth look at religion among the "creative class," Hollywood Faith will fascinate those interested in the modern evangelical movement and anyone who wants to understand how religion adapts to social change.

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