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  • When Sacred and Secular Mix

    When Sacred and Secular Mix
    Stephen V. Monsma

    Based on a massive nation-wide survey of nearly 800 such groups, Stephen V. Monsma's important study explores the implications of this financial partnership.

  • Entrusted

    David H. Smith

    Entrusted provides a much needed contribution to the literature on ethics in the healthcare arena." —Health Progress A splendid and invaluable book, one every trustee with an active conscience would want to read and one every trustee with …

  • 1 800 Miles

    1,800 Miles
    Joshua Daniel Phillips

    “We must be actively against instead of passively for sexual violence.” – 1,800 Miles Sexual violence is a cultural issue that will not go away just because we ignore it.

  • Understanding Philanthropy

    Understanding Philanthropy
    Robert L. Payton, Michael P. Moody

    Weaving together accessible theoretical explanations with fascinating examples of philanthropic action, this book advances key scholarly debates about philanthropy and offers practitioners a way of explaining the rationale for their …

  • Constructing Ottoman Beneficence

    Constructing Ottoman Beneficence
    Amy Singer

    Presents the political, social, and cultural context behind Ottoman charity.

  • However Long the Night

    However Long the Night
    Aimee Molloy

    This book is a testament to the fact that the connections between women can lead to a better world.

  • Andrew Carnegie

    Andrew Carnegie
    James Mackay

    Set against the contrasting backdrops of radical Scotland and America during the most turbulent phase of its development, Little Boss is the definitive story of one of the world’s greatest captains of industry.

  • The Generosity Network

    The Generosity Network
    Jennifer McCrea, Jeffrey C. Walker, Karl Weber

    The Generosity Network is the essential guide to the art of activating resources of every kind behind any worthy cause.

  • Inventing the Nonprofit Sector and Other Essays on Philanthropy Voluntarism and Nonprofit Organizations

    “Inventing the Nonprofit Sector” and Other Essays on Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Nonprofit Organizations
    Peter Dobkin Hall

    Philanthropy and voluntarism are among the most familiar and least understood of American institutions. Here cultural historian Peter Dobkin Hall describes and analyzes the development of America's fastest growing institutional sector.

  • We Make a Life by What We Give

    We Make a Life by What We Give
    Richard B. Gunderman

    A nuanced and comprehensive view of Royce and his role in American pragmatism

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