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  • When Sacred and Secular Mix

    When Sacred and Secular Mix
    Stephen V. Monsma

    Explores the world of religiously based, private, nonprofit organizations and their receipt of public funds. [Introduction].

  • Crisi vulnerabilitat i pedagogia socia

    Crisi, vulnerabilitat i pedagogia socia
    Mar Galceran, Conrad Vilanou

    Aquest llibre reuneix les ponències presentades a la Jornada que, sota el títol de «Crisi, vulnerabilitat i pedagogia social: perspectiva humanista», va tenir lloc el dijous 18 d’abril del 2013 al Campus Mundet de la Universitat de …

  • Art Education and African American Culture

    Art, Education, and African-American Culture
    Mary Ann Meyers

    Looks at the life and legacy of the physician known for his art collection, eccentricities, and the creation of the Barnes Foundation.

  • American Generosity

    American Generosity
    Patricia Snell Herzog, Heather E. Price

    'American Generosity' answers what, how much, who, where, and why questions of generous activities. This book takes an interdisciplinary approach that defines generosity as expressed through multiple forms of giving.

  • Fundraising and Friend raising on the Web Volume 1

    Fundraising and Friend-raising on the Web, Volume 1
    Adam Daniel Corson-Finnerty, Laura Blanchard

    CD-ROM contains: Links to fundraising sites recommended in text.

  • Philanthropy s Role in Civilization

    Philanthropy’s Role in Civilization
    Arnaud C. Marts

    The new introduction to this edition by Robert L. Payton offers a vivid biographical sketch of Arnaud C. Marts, situates his thought in its time and place, and analyzes differing conceptions of social progress between Marts's era and our …

  • Creative Community Organizing

    Creative Community Organizing
    Si Kahn

    Through stories, analysis, impassioned argument—even song lyrics—Si Kahn and Elizabeth Minnich show that corporations are, by their very nature, unable to fulfill effectively what have traditionally been the responsibilities of …

  • Understanding Philanthropy

    Understanding Philanthropy
    Robert L. Payton, Michael P. Moody

    Weaving together accessible theoretical explanations with fascinating examples of philanthropic action, this book advances key scholarly debates about philanthropy and offers practitioners a way of explaining the rationale for their …

  • Humanitarian Intervention in the Long Nineteenth Century

    Humanitarian Intervention in the Long Nineteenth Century
    Heraclides Alexis, Dialla Ada

    Presents the development of humanitarian theories in international law and international political theory during the 19th century and assesses four case studies, linking them to ongoing theoretical arguments with an emphasis on the lesser …

  • Rescue Ink

    Rescue Ink
    Rescue Ink

    The true story of ten tough and tattooed bikers who rescue animals in danger Though Joe Panz, Johnny O, Batso, Big Ant, G, Angel, Des, and Eric initially met and formed their friendships at tattoo and motorcycle conventions, they soon …

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