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  • Restorative Justice in Prisons

    Restorative Justice in Prisons
    Kimmett Edgar, Tim Newell

    This is the best leading edge information and ideas from two of the UK's most respected practitioners and authorties.

  • Explaining Criminal Careers

    Explaining Criminal Careers
    John F. MacLeod, Peter Grove, David Farrington

    Explaining Criminal Careers presents a simple but influential theory of crime, conviction and reconviction.

  • Punishment Danger and Stigma

    Punishment, Danger and Stigma
    Nigel Walker

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  • Public Health Behind Bars

    Public Health Behind Bars
    Robert Greifinger

    How can correctional facilities treat addiction more effectively? What can be done to improve diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders? Can correctional care benefit from quality management and performance measurement?

  • Restorative Justice Today

    Restorative Justice Today
    Katherine S. van Wormer, Lorenn Walker

    Restorative Justice Today: Applications of Restorative Interventions takes a hard look at the issues and concepts surrounding restorative justice and current restorative practices used in a broad range of areas today.

  • Cadaverland

    Michael Dorland

    A powerful look at how French medical science apprehended and described Holocaust survival

  • Doing Time on the Outside

    Doing Time on the Outside
    Donald Braman

    "Stigma, shame and hardship—this is the lot shared by families whose young men have been swept into prison. Braman reveals the devastating toll mass incarceration takes on the parents, partners, and children left behind.

  • Wanted

    Edward A. Blackburn

    Heavily illustrated guide to the historic county jails of Texas. Edward A. Blackburn, Jr., takes readers to each of the 254 counties in the state, presenting brief histories of the counties and the structures that housed their criminals.

  • Punishment and Civilization

    Punishment and Civilization
    John Pratt

    Punishment and Civilization examines how a framework of punishment that suited the values and standards of the civilized world came to be set in place from around 1800 to the late 20th century.

  • Better to be Feared

    Better to be Feared
    Sean Bridges

    This is not the story of another white-collar criminal's time inside. It is a shocking personal account of the reasons why the criminal justice system fails society today. That system has changed Sean Bridges forever.

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