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  • Writing Machines

    Writing Machines
    N. Katherine Hayles

    A pseudo-autobiographical exploration of the artistic and cultural impact of the transformation of the print book to its electronic incarnations.

  • Recording Oral History

    Recording Oral History
    Valerie Raleigh Yow

    In Recording Oral History, Second Edition, Valerie Raleigh Yow builds on the foundation of her classic text with a fully updated and substantially expanded new edition.

  • Handbook of Interview Research

    Handbook of Interview Research
    Jaber F. Gubrium, James A. Holstein

    The Handbook of Interview Research is the most ambitious attempt yet at examining the place of the interview in contemporary society. Interviewing is the predominant mode of research in the social sciences.

  • Grounded Theory

    Grounded Theory
    Vivian B. Martin, Astrid Gynnild

    The book's contributors, from nine countries and as many disciplines, all studied grounded theory with Glaser.

  • Fundamental Issues in Evaluation

    Fundamental Issues in Evaluation
    Nick L. Smith, Paul R. Brandon

    Providing state-of-the-art perspectives on what evaluation is, its purpose, and how to ensure it is done well, this book brings together major evaluation researchers from a variety of social and behavioral science disciplines.

  • The Content Analysis Guidebook

    The Content Analysis Guidebook
    Kimberly A. Neuendorf

    Content analysis is one of the most important yet complex research methodologies in the social sciences.

  • Boring Records

    Boring Records?
    Katie Prince

    Using the first-hand impressions and comments of parents, children and clinical social workers, the author demonstrates the centrality of the work of record keeping for social work practitioners.

  • Standards und G├ tekriterien der Zukunftsforschung

    Standards und G├╝tekriterien der Zukunftsforschung
    Lars Gerhold, Dirk Holtmannsp├Âtter, Christian Neuhaus, Elmar Sch├╝ll, Beate Schulz-Montag, Karlheinz Steinm├╝ller, Axel Zweck

    Die Beitragsautorinnen und -autoren bieten eine Orientierungshilfe und beschreiben die G├╝tekriterien und Standards, an denen die Qualit├Ąt von Ergebnissen und Prozessen der Zukunftsforschung festgemacht werden kann.

  • Determining Sample Size

    Determining Sample Size
    Patrick Dattalo

    This text describes the following available approaches for estimating sample size in social work research and discusses their strengths and weaknesses: power analysis; heuristics or rules-of-thumb; confidence intervals; computer-intensive …

  • Writing Up Qualitative Research

    Writing Up Qualitative Research
    Harry F. Wolcott

    Written in an accessible style, this volume tackles the topics of beginning to write, continuing to write, editing and getting published.

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