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  • Social Construction and Social Work Practice

    Social Construction and Social Work Practice
    Stanley Witkin

    This book responds with rich, illustrative descriptions of how social constructionist thinking has inspired practice approaches, illuminating the diversity and creative potential of practices that draw on social constructionist ideas.

  • Ethnography in Action

    Ethnography in Action
    Jean J. Schensul, Institute for Community Research, Margaret D. LeCompte, University of Colorado, Boulder

    This is Book 7 of 7 in the Ethnographer's Toolkit, Second Edition. In Ethnography in Action, Jean J. Schensul and Margaret D. LeCompte explore how ethnographic research intersects with and enhances numerous areas of practice.

  • Policy

    H. Colebatch

    Policy is key reading for the student studying the subject, the public official or community activist engaged in making policy, and the interested member of the public who wants to know where policy comes from, and why it matters.

  • Dealing with Complexity

    Dealing with Complexity
    Robert L. Flood, Ewart Carson

    INTRODUCTION We start this book with Theme A (see Figure P. I in the Preface), which aims to develop an essential and fundamental understanding of systems science. So, what is systems science?

  • Joint Commitment

    Joint Commitment
    Margaret Gilbert

    This new essay collection by distinguished philosopher Margaret Gilbert provides a richly textured argument for the importance of joint commitment in our personal and public lives.

  • Doing Criminological Research

    Doing Criminological Research
    Pamela Davies, Peter Francis, Victor Jupp

    The new edition of this bestselling textbook brings criminological research alive for students. It introduces the processes and practicalities of preparing, doing, experiencing and reflecting upon criminological research.

  • Advances in Modern Tourism Research

    Advances in Modern Tourism Research
    Álvaro Matias, Peter Nijkamp, Paulo Neto

    With a view to go beyond fundamental research, the book closes with a chapter dedicated to applied country and regional studies, where a variety of subjects – from input-output analysis to e-tourism competitiveness – are analysed from …

  • The Role of Theory in Sex Research

    The Role of Theory in Sex Research
    Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

    Attempting to bridge the epistemological gaps between "positivist" and "postmodern" approaches to theoretical models of sexual behavior, this book brings together essays and discussion by scholars representing a range of viewpoints and …

  • How People Negotiate

    How People Negotiate
    Guy Olivier Faure

    The stories begin with Abraham negotiating with the Lord about the fate of Sodom, the first-ever recorded account of negotiations. The negotiations in this volume present something new and unusual.

  • Determining Sample Size

    Determining Sample Size
    Patrick Dattalo

    This text describes the following available approaches for estimating sample size in social work research and discusses their strengths and weaknesses: power analysis; heuristics or rules-of-thumb; confidence intervals; computer-intensive …

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