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  • He Motions

    T. D. Jakes

    AND LADIES, He-Motions is also for you. Inspirational and refreshingly honest, this is the ultimate source for women seeking to comprehend and care for the men in their lives.

  • My Brother Slaves

    My Brother Slaves
    Sergio A. Lussana

    Underscoring the enslaved men's relationships, however, were the sex-segregated work gangs on the plantations, which further reinforced their social bonds.

  • Family Men

    Family Men
    Shawn Johansen

    Empire's Children looks at works at by Rudyard Kipling, Frances Hodgson Burnett, E. Nesbit, Hugh Lofting, A.A. Milne, and Arthur Ransome for the ways these writers consciously and unconsciously used the metaphors of empire in their writing …

  • Supporting Young Men as Fathers

    Supporting Young Men as Fathers
    Esmée Hanna

    This book examines community group settings for young men who are fathers, with particular emphasis on the role of gender within the groups and the possibilities of such groups for the ‘un-doing’ of gender.

  • Hysterical Men

    Hysterical Men
    Mark S MICALE

    This book boldly challenges this triumphant vision of the stable and secure male by examining the central role played by modern science and medicine in constructing and sustaining it.

  • The Best Kept Secret

    The Best Kept Secret
    Roberta L. Coles

    The Best Kept Secret studies the often-overlooked group of single, African American custodial fathers.

  • Same Sex Affairs

    Same-Sex Affairs
    Peter Boag

    Same-Sex Affairs is a path-breakinghistory of male homosexuality in the Pacific Northwest from 1890 to 1930.

  • Men

    Laura Kipnis

    In the essays collected here, Laura Kipnis revisits the archetypes of wayward masculinity that have captured her imagination over the years, scrutinizing men who have figured in her own life alongside more controversial public examples.

  • Strikebreaking and Intimidation

    Strikebreaking and Intimidation
    Stephen H. Norwood

    This is the first systematic study of strikebreaking, intimidation, and anti-unionism in the United States, subjects essential to a full understanding of labor's fortunes in the twentieth century.

  • Men s Work in Preventing Violence Against Women

    Men’s Work in Preventing Violence Against Women
    Christie Cozad Neuger, James Newton Poling

    This book challenges traditional images of masculinity, exploring effective—and ineffective—methods of helping men face their own sexism and change their behavior toward the goal of ending domestic violence.

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