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  • Raging Hormones

    Raging Hormones
    Gail Vines

    "A marvelous dissection of the hormone industry and its attempt to turn women's biological experience into a megamarket.

  • Testosterone Dreams

    Testosterone Dreams
    J. Hoberman

    This book is a crucial contribution to the ethical deliberation of who we humans want to be, as bodies and as selves."—Arthur W. Frank, author of The Wounded Storyteller

  • Male Male Intimacy in Early America

    Male-Male Intimacy in Early America
    William E Benemann

    He recognizes that men have been sexually attracted to other men throughout American history, and in this book, examines their historical options for expressing that attraction.

  • Diaries of a Forgotten Parent

    Diaries of a Forgotten Parent
    Wendy A. Paterson

    From this book, readers will understand that there are just too many reasons why fathers must never be forgotten in the lives of their children.

  • Responding to Men in Crisis

    Responding to Men in Crisis
    Brian Taylor

    "This book is based on new work relating gendered assumptions about rationality to men's mental health.

  • Masculinity in Fiction and Film

    Masculinity in Fiction and Film
    Brian Baker

    Covers wide range of popular British and American fiction and film including Westerns, spy fiction, science fiction and crime narratives.

  • The Astronaut

    The Astronaut
    Dario Llinares

    The book situates the astronaut within the context of a modern/postmodern theoretical framework linking shifts in gender perspectives to the contradictory narratives and characterisations that inform the mediation of the astronaut.

  • The Book of Bob

    The Book of Bob
    Tom Crisp

    Celebrate the innate "Bobness" that exists in 34 out of every 1,000 American men with The Book of Bob.

  • Cognitive Contextual and Personality Factors in Wife Abuse

    Cognitive, Contextual, and Personality Factors in Wife Abuse
    Brad M. Hastings

    This study is designed to show how personality dispositions and cognitive variables may combine with social norms to influence wife abuse.

  • Buddy System

    Buddy System
    Geoffrey Greif

    The guiding feature of the book is Greif's typology of male friendships: he dispels the myth that men don't have friends, showing that men have must, trust, just,and rust friends.

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