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  • Boys Don t Cry

    Boys Don’t Cry?
    Milette Shamir, Jennifer Travis

    What are its political stakes? Will the “release” of straight, white, middle-class masculine emotion remake existing forms of power or reinforce them? This collection forcefully challenges our most entrenched ideas about male emotion.

  • Cognitive Contextual and Personality Factors in Wife Abuse

    Cognitive, Contextual, and Personality Factors in Wife Abuse
    Brad M. Hastings

    This study is designed to show how personality dispositions and cognitive variables may combine with social norms to influence wife abuse.

  • The Trouble with Men

    The Trouble with Men
    Phil Powrie, Ann Davies, Bruce Babington

    The Trouble With Men is a timely new collection of essays focusingon masculinity and film, particularly the representation ofEuropean masculinity.

  • The Male Body Features Destinies Exposures Part 1

    The Male Body: Features, Destinies, Exposures, Part 1
    Laurence Goldstein

    Poets, anthropologists, philosophers, artists, sociologists, and others provide prespectives on the male body.

  • Branded Male

    Branded Male
    Mark Tungate

    Using a typical modern male's weekday as a template, the book considers all the opportunities for marketing to him and the best ways to exploit these opportunities.

  • Making Men Into Fathers

    Making Men Into Fathers
    Barbara Hobson

    Prominent gender studies scholars consider how institutional settings and policy shape new models of fatherhood.

  • A Man s Way through the Twelve Steps

    A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps
    Dan Griffin

    Presents advice for men going through the twelve-step program of recovery, discussing how to overcome negative stereotypes of masculinity, connect with a Higher Power, deal with anger, and develop healthy, intimate realtionships.

  • He Motions

    T. D. Jakes

    AND LADIES, He-Motions is also for you. Inspirational and refreshingly honest, this is the ultimate source for women seeking to comprehend and care for the men in their lives.

  • The Best Kept Secret

    The Best Kept Secret
    Roberta L. Coles

    The Best Kept Secret studies the often-overlooked group of single, African American custodial fathers.

  • Men

    Laura Kipnis

    In the essays collected here, Laura Kipnis revisits the archetypes of wayward masculinity that have captured her imagination over the years, scrutinizing men who have figured in her own life alongside more controversial public examples.

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