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  • Digital Nation

    Digital Nation
    Anthony G. Wilhelm

    In Digital Nation, Tony Wilhelm shows us how to build a more inclusive information society, offering a plan that reaps the benefits offered by the new technology while avoiding the pitfalls of social exclusion.

  • X Files the truth wants to be known Die à sthetik in X Files

    X Files – “the truth wants to be known”: Die Ästhetik in “X-Files”
    Marina Greb

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2010 im Fachbereich Medien / Kommunikation – Film und Fernsehen, Note: 1,3, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (Medien und Kulturwissenschaft), Veranstaltung: Serienwelten lesen: Analysen der …

  • The Iowa Precinct Caucuses

    The Iowa Precinct Caucuses
    Hugh Winebrenner, Dennis J. Goldford

    The third edition of this classic book has been updated to include the elections of 2000, which saw the first winner of the Iowa caucuses to reach the White House since 1976; of 2004 and the roller-coaster fortunes of Howard Dean and John …

  • European Civil War Films

    European Civil War Films
    Eleftheria Rania Kosmidou

    This book examines the ways in which late twentieth-century European cinema deals with the neglected subject of civil war.

  • Broadcasters and Citizens in Europe

    Broadcasters and Citizens in Europe
    Paolo Baldi, Uwe Hasebrink

    This book presents the main results of an extensive programme of research that was financed by the European Commission.

  • 50 Jahre Fernsehen Der Gesellschaftswandel durch das Fernsehen

    50 Jahre Fernsehen: Der Gesellschaftswandel durch das Fernsehen
    Sabrina Schöberl

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2003 im Fachbereich Medien / Kommunikation – Film und Fernsehen, Note: 1, Universität Wien (Institut für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Im Jahre 2005 feiert der …

  • 4CID Modell Bildungswissenschaftler in mit dem Schwerpunkt der Referententà tigkeit

    4CID Modell. Bildungswissenschaftler/in mit dem Schwerpunkt der Referententätigkeit
    Antje Haim

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2008 im Fachbereich Medien / Kommunikation – Theorien, Modelle, Begriffe, Note: 1,3, FernUniversität Hagen, 18 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Das 4CID Modell von Van Merriënboer (v.

  • Illusions in Motion

    Illusions in Motion
    Erkki Huhtamo

    There were other panoramas that moved–hundreds, and probably thousands of them. Their history has been largely forgotten. In Illusions in Motion, Erkki Huhtamo excavates this neglected early manifestation of media culture in the making.

  • Electronic Iran

    Electronic Iran
    Niki Akhavan

    As it exposes and assesses overlooked aspects of the Iranian Internet, the book sketches a more complete map of its dynamic landscape, and suggests that the transformative powers of digital media can only be developed and understood if …

  • Queer eye for the straight guy Contemporary depiction of homosexuality on TV

    Queer eye for the straight guy: Contemporary depiction of homosexuality on TV
    Judith Schwickart

    The series was an instant, and somewhat unexpected, success. It is especially remarkable for the way homosexual and heterosexual men are presented.

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