Books in category Social Science – Lesbian Studies

  • Interviews

    Gloria Anzald©ða, AnaLouise Keating

    Highly personal and always rich in insight, this memoir-like collection of interviews, arranged and introduced by AnaLouise Keating, not only will serve as an accessible introduction to Anzaldua's groundbreaking body of work but will also …

  • How the Religious Right Shaped Lesbian and Gay Activism

    How the Religious Right Shaped Lesbian and Gay Activism
    Tina Fetner

    In this accessible and grounded work, Tina Fetner uncovers a remarkably complex relationship between the two movementsa one that transcends political rivalry.

  • Framed

    Judith Mayne

    In Framed, Judith Mayne, a respected critic whose reach extends from film, literature, and feminism to the culture at large, offers a sustained exploration of feminist approaches to film and mass culture, with a particular focus on how …

  • Forms of Desire

    Forms of Desire
    Edward Stein

    By bringing together papers which discuss different versions of social constructionism, as well as a number of papers critical of the view, the anthology provides easy access to the important essays on the topic and makes more transparent …

  • Letters to ONE

    Letters to ONE
    Craig M. Loftin

    Collection of letters written to the first openly gay magazine in the United States.

  • Flaming Classics

    Flaming Classics
    Alexander Doty

    Publisher Fact Sheet Doty turns up the heat on the movies we love best, taking us to the queer side of criticism looking at six classics for queer potential, arguing against the assumption that only explicity gay films are subject to gay …

  • The Girls Next Door

    The Girls Next Door
    Lindsy Van Gelder, Pamela Robin Brandt

    Two journalists draw on more than one hundred interviews with women around the U.S. to examine the manners, mores, institutions, attitudes, beliefs, and lifestyles of lesbians throughout the country

  • Queer Theory and Social Change

    Queer Theory and Social Change
    Max H. Kirsch

    Explores the emergence of new ways of explaining the positioning of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered peoples in the context of debates around culture, experience and discourse.

  • Virginia Woolf

    Virginia Woolf
    Eileen Barrett

    Breaking new ground in our understanding of the role Woolf's love for women plays in her major writing, these essays shift the emphasis of lesbian interpretations from Woolf's life to her work.

  • Queer Transitions in Contemporary Spanish Culture

    Queer Transitions in Contemporary Spanish Culture
    Gema Perez-Sanchez

    Offers a sustained analysis of both high and low queer culture and its connections to cultural and political processes in Spain.

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