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  • Buried by the Times

    Buried by the Times
    Laurel Leff

    Looks at decisions made at The New York Times that resulted in the minimizing, misunderstanding, and dilution of the Holocaust in a behind-the-scenes study of how America's premier newspaper failed in its coverage of the fate of European …

  • Stories of the Babylonian Talmud

    Stories of the Babylonian Talmud
    Jeffrey L. Rubenstein

    The third installment of Rubenstein’s trilogy of works on the subject, Stories of the Babylonian Talmud is essential reading for all students of the Talmud and rabbinic Judaism.

  • Pius XII the Holocaust and the Revisionists

    Pius XII, the Holocaust and the Revisionists
    Patrick J. Gallo

    By bringing intellectual rigor and responsibility to the issue, this work makes a solid contribution to the history of the papacy and to the biography of Pius XII.

  • From the Book to the Book

    From the Book to the Book
    Edmond Jabès

    The first anthology to span the oeuvre of the late writer Edmond Jabès, including pieces previously unpublished in English.

  • Why Ask My Name

    “Why Ask My Name?”
    Adele Reinhartz

    Adele Reinhartz here seeks to answer two principal questions: first, is there a "poetics of anonymity," and if so, what are its contours?

  • Mitzvah Girls

    Mitzvah Girls
    Ayala Fader

    Mitzvah Girls is the first book about bringing up Hasidic Jewish girls in North America, providing an in-depth look into a closed community.

  • Escaping the Holocaust

    Escaping the Holocaust
    Dalia Ofer

    Making exhaustive use of archival sources, Ofer provides invaluable insight into the struggles of the immigrants, the activists and supporters of the movement, the logistical obstacles, and the political forces working to halt or exploit …

  • IG Auschwitz

    IG Auschwitz
    Bernd C. Wagner

    Im Mittelpunkt stehen das Engagement des IG Farben-Konzerns in der Nachbarschaft von Auschwitz und das in Zusammenarbeit mit der SS errichtete Konzentrationslager Monowitz.

  • The Jewish Community of Metro Detroit 1945 2005

    The Jewish Community of Metro Detroit 1945-2005
    Barry Stiefel

    Entire neighborhoods transplanted themselves. The Jewish Community of Metro Detroit: 1945 "2005 provides a pictorial history of the Detroit Jewish community's transition from the city to the suburbs outside of Detroit.

  • Anti Semitism in America

    Anti-Semitism in America
    Harold Earl Quinley, Charles Young Glock

    Periodic outbreaks of anti-Jewish hostility testify to the continuing presence of anti-Semitism in America.

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