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  • Seamanship Techniques

    Seamanship Techniques
    D.J. House

    Ideal for Merchant Navy Officers from Cadet rank to Master Mariner, the fourth edition of this book is in full colour, and has been updated to include more information on topics as diverse as electronic navigation and AIS technology whilst …

  • The New Imperialism

    The New Imperialism
    David Harvey

    What exactly is the relationship between US militarism abroad and domestic politics? These are the questions taken up in this compelling and original book.

  • Movements in the City

    Movements in the City
    Vincenzo Ruggiero

    This book provides an in depth examination of social movements and urban life in European cities today.

  • Domicide

    Douglas Porteous, John Douglas Porteous, Sandra Eileen Smith

    Domicide tells how and why the powerful destroy homes that happen to be in the way of corporate, political, and bureaucratic projects. Too frequently, this destruction is justified as being in the public interest.

  • Land Resources

    Land Resources
    Anthony Young

    This book stimulates awareness of the critical role of land resources in development.

  • The History of Honduras

    The History of Honduras
    Thomas M. Leonard

    This book provides a political and cultural history of Honduras, covering the era of the Mayan and Lenca civilizations to today's current political strife. • Contains a bibliographic essay that enables further research • Presents a …

  • The Territories of Indonesia

    The Territories of Indonesia
    Iem Brown

    A new addition to Europa's popular 'Territories of the World' series, The Territories of Indonesia provides invaluable information on this diverse country.

  • StadtLandschaften

    Sabine Hofmeister, Olaf Kühne

    Das Buch befasst sich aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive mit dem Entstehen und der Entwicklung von StadtLandschaften. Diese StadtLandschaften lassen sich als Teil gesellschaftlicher Hybridisierungsprozesse deuten.

  • Participation in Community Work

    Participation in Community Work
    Anne Karin Larsen, Vishanthie Sewpaul, Grete Oline Hole

    Participation is a key community work method and this text, written by an international selection of authors, covers innovative approaches in community based education and practice.

  • The Constitution of the City

    The Constitution of the City
    Allen J. Scott

    This book presents an exploratory account of the origins and dynamics of cities.

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