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  • The Metropolitan Revolution

    The Metropolitan Revolution
    Jon C. Teaford

    "Teaford surveys metropolitan areas from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt and the way in which postwar social, racial, and cultural shifts contributed to the decline of the central city as a hub of work, shopping, transportation, and …

  • Understanding Green Revolutions

    Understanding Green Revolutions
    Bertram Hughes Farmer, Tim Bayliss-Smith

    This book is a critical examination of the truth behind the stereotype that there is a Green Revolution in agricultural technology.

  • Africa Tropical Timber Turfs and Trade

    Africa, Tropical Timber, Turfs, and Trade
    J. Henry Owusu

    This book examines development issues, particularly spatial integration, in Sub-Saharan Africa regarding its tropical timber trade, and the related formal-informal operational turf creation, control and dynamics.

  • Property And Politics In Sabah Malaysia

    Property And Politics In Sabah, Malaysia
    Amity A. Doolittle

    This very welcome book offers important insights into the logic of development in Malaysia, as well as its impact on local struggles for land rights.

  • America s Natural Places South and Southeast

    America’s Natural Places: South and Southeast
    Stacy S. Kowtko

    From the Texas Blackland Prairies to the Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain of the Carolinas, this volume provides a snapshot of the most spectacular and important natural places in the southern United States. • Illustrations depict 50 of the …

  • Introducing Human Geographies Third Edition

    Introducing Human Geographies, Third Edition
    Paul Cloke, Philip Crang, Mark Goodwin

    Introducing Human Geographies is the leading guide to human geography for undergraduate students, explaining new thinking on essential topics and discussing exciting developments in the field.

  • Culture and Customs of Taiwan

    Culture and Customs of Taiwan
    Gary Marvin Davison, Barbara E. Reed

    Discusses the traditions, culture, religion, media, literature, and arts of Taiwan.

  • Cristo con il fucile in spalla

    Cristo con il fucile in spalla
    Ryszard Kapuściński

    Cristo con il fucile in spalla è un'opera chiave del maestro polacco del reportage perché è uno sguardo inedito e ancora di grande attualità, ma anche perché permette di comprendere la sua visione del mondo, la sua sensibilità sociale …

  • China s Economy

    China’s Economy
    Arthur R. Kroeber

    Whether you're doing business in China, negotiating with its government officials, or a student trying to navigate the complexities of this fascinating and diverse country, this is the one book that will tell you everything you need to know …

  • The Human City

    The Human City
    Joel Kotkin

    This book is not anti-urban, but it does advocate a greater range of options for people to live the way they want at all stages of their lives.

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