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  • A Guide to Fairs and Festivals in the United States

    A Guide to Fairs and Festivals in the United States
    Frances Shemanski

    "[This volume] will be particularly useful to travelers, festival organizers, and individuals interested in tracing the history of the individual events.

  • Halloween

    James Lantos, Applewood Books

    Part of Applewood's Pictorial America series, the book features images drawn from historical sources and includes prints, paintings, illustrations, and photographs.

  • The Dutch American Identity

    The Dutch American Identity
    Terence Schoone-Jongen

    The Dutch American Identity is an important book for sociology, performance studies, folklore, immigration history, anthropology, and cultural history collections.

  • Introduction to Analysis of Variance Design Analyis Interpretation

    Introduction to Analysis of Variance: Design, Analyis & Interpretation
    J. Rick Turner, Julian Thayer

    Organized so that the reader moves from the simplest type of design to more complex ones, the authors introduce five different kinds of ANOVA techniques and explain which design//analysis is appropriate to answer specific questions.

  • We are what We Celebrate

    We are what We Celebrate
    Amitai Etzioni, Jared Bloom

    Edited by Amitai Etzioni, one of the most influential social and political thinkers of our time, this collection provides a compelling overview of the impact that holidays and rituals have on our family and communal life.

  • Independence Day

    Independence Day
    Robin Nelson

    A brief introduction to the history of Independence Day and how and why it is celebrated.


    Karal Ann Marling

    Using mass culture and media to explore the true meaning of Christmas in America, the author separates myth from practice, using lithographs, magazine fictioin, pictorial ads, news photos, cards, and movies to deconstruct the season.

  • Where Does Valentine s Day Come From Children s Holidays Celebrations Books

    Where Does Valentine’s Day Come From? | Children’s Holidays & Celebrations Books
    Baby Professor

    Who says you have to stick with the usual fairy tales when telling bedtime stories?

  • Halloween

    Nicholas Rogers

    Drawing on a fascinating array of sources, from classical history to Hollywood films, Rogers traces Halloween as it emerged from the Celtic festival of Samhain (summer's end), picked up elements of the Christian Hallowtide (All Saint's Day …

  • Happy Father s Day Dad Celebrations from around the World The Holiday Book for Kindergarten Children s Holiday Books

    Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Celebrations from around the World – The Holiday Book for Kindergarten | Children’s Holiday Books
    Baby Professor

    In this book, we’re going to look into the annual celebration of Father’s Day.

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