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  • Gouvernance Au 21e Sià cle

    Gouvernance Au 21e Siècle
    David M. Hayne

    Eight papers call for an examination of the governance of organizations, whether one probes the crises in the experience of large corporations, in education, in health care, in science and technology systems, or in military affairs.

  • Muses India

    Muses India
    Chetan Deshmane

    This collection of essays attempts a contrapuntal reading of Indian English literature with what Ranjan Ghosh calls the “infusionist” approach.

  • What If They Gave a Crisis and Nobody Came

    What If They Gave a Crisis and Nobody Came?
    Ron Hirschbein

    A comparative study of why certain events become and are remembered as crises while others are not.

  • Lifeworlds

    Michael Jackson

    4e de couv.: Michael Jackson's Lifeworlds is a masterful collection of essays, the culmination of a career of exploring the relationship between anthropology and philosophy.

  • Public Goods and Market Failures

    Public Goods and Market Failures
    Tyler Cowen

    This book both develops that theory and challenges the conclusion of many economists and policy-makers that market failures cannot be corrected by market forces. The volume includes major case studies of private provision of public goods.

  • Catatan Najwa Volume 1

    Catatan Najwa, Volume 1
    Najwa Shihab

    Catatan Najwa berisi refleksi Najwa Shihab atas isu yang dibahas di program Mata Najwa. Dengan gaya rima yang khas, Catatan Najwa menggelitik dengan sindiran, menohok tajam, kadang seperti ajakan merenung.

  • The Politics of World Heritage

    The Politics of World Heritage
    David Harrison, Michael Hitchcock

    This collection of papers discuss World Trade Law and focus on the contested nature of World Heritage at sites as diverse as The Netherlands, Ellis Island (USA), post-colonial Mesoamerica, Cambodia, Fiji, Kyrgyzstan, and Vietnam.

  • Culture Communication and Cognition

    Culture, Communication, and Cognition
    James V. Wertsch

    A learner's dictionary and CD-ROM pack, with sounds, pictures and powerful search tools.

  • The Culture of Ancient Egypt

    The Culture of Ancient Egypt
    John A. Wilson

    A history of Egypt from primitive times to the decline of the empire traces the development of a distinct civilization

  • Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice

    Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice
    Eda G. Goldstein

    While ego psychological theory still holds a pre-eminent position in clinical social work practice, the field has changed in many ways. This revised edition addresses these major changes, bringing the reader up to date.

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