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  • Vom Systemtrottel zum WutbĂ rger

    Vom Systemtrottel zum WutbĂĽrger
    Eugen Maria Schulak, Rahim Taghizadegan

    Wir haben uns zu mediengelenkten Massenmenschen entwickelt, die dem Konsum und der Informationspflicht dienen.Wir alle sind „nützliche Systemtrottel“– sagen die Philosophen Schulak und Taghizadegan.

  • The Education of the Eye

    The Education of the Eye
    Peter De Bolla

    The Art Book De Bolla s The Education of the Eye is a significant contribution to both the ongoing delineation of visual culture as a field of inquiry, and to the reading of eighteenth-century public space. Albion"

  • British Culture

    British Culture
    David Christopher

    Topics include: –the social and cultural setting: politics and society 1950-1999, including immigration, feminism, Thatcherism and the arts and the Blair revolution –language and culture: accents and minority languages, broadcasting and …

  • Assessing Quality in European Higher Education Institutions

    Assessing Quality in European Higher Education Institutions
    Chiara Orsingher

    This book provides a picture of the state of quality assurance practices in Europe, and offers lessons for a future European dimension of quality assurance.

  • Ceramics Before Farming

    Ceramics Before Farming
    Peter Jordan, Marek Zvelebil

    A long-overdue advancement in ceramic studies, this volume sheds new light on the adoption and dispersal of pottery by non-agricultural societies of prehistoric Eurasia.

  • Philosophies of India

    Philosophies of India
    Heinrich Zimmer

    The volume is divided into four sections: The introduction places the position of the Buddhist Tantras within Mahayana Buddhism and recalls their early literary history, especially the Guhyasamahatantra; the section also covers Buddhist …

  • Tales of the Field

    Tales of the Field
    John Van Maanen

    Over the years, the work has both reflected and shaped changes in the field of ethnography. In this second edition, Van Maanen’s substantial new Epilogue charts and illuminates changes in the field since the book’s first publication.

  • The New Thought Police

    The New Thought Police
    Tammy Bruce

    Provocative and persuasive, this book is a clarion call to anyone interested in preserving liberty. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • The Development of Mexicoâ s Tourism Industry

    The Development of Mexico’s Tourism Industry
    D. Berger

    Berger argues that tourism was forged by Mexico's government in 1928 as the cornerstone of state-led modernization programmes. Berger presents tourism as the leading and influential facet of the post-revolutionary modernization programme.

  • Entre dieu et diable

    Entre dieu et diable

    Qu'elle donne naissance aux représentations d'un Legouvé, aux compositions plus incisives d'un Voltaire ou à ces montres que sont Gilles de Rais ou Dracula. Le sacré voyage entre dieu et diable.

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