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  • Performing Femininity

    Performing Femininity
    Rachel Morley

    In this groundbreaking new study, Rachel Morley argues that early Russian film-makers used the character of the female performer to explore key contemporary concerns from changing conceptions of femininity and the emergence of the so-called …

  • Fertility and the Male Life Cycle in the Era of Fertility Decline

    Fertility and the Male Life Cycle in the Era of Fertility Decline
    Caroline Bledsoe, Susana Lerner, Jane Guyer

    This volume challenges the orthodox position on two of the main themes in fertility transition studies: the inevitable link between fewer children and quality of life and the focus on women as the sole important objects of study.

  • Gender and the Environment

    Gender and the Environment
    Nicole Detraz

    This much-needed book is an invaluable guide for those interested in environmental politics and gender studies, and sets the agenda for future scholarship and advocacy.

  • Deep Gossip

    Deep Gossip
    Henry Abelove

    Maps the intricate relationship between culture, politics, and sexuality over three centuries – now in paperback!

  • The Academic Kitchen

    The Academic Kitchen
    Maresi Nerad

    Presents a social history of gender stratification at the University of California at Berkeley through a combination of organizational theory and biography.

  • Dislocating Masculinity

    Dislocating Masculinity
    Andrea Cornwall, Nancy Lindisfarne

    This book draws upon anthropology, feminism and postmodernism to offer a penetrating and challenging study of how gender operates.

  • Transmen and FTMs

    Transmen and FTMs
    Jason Cromwell

    In clarifying how transmen and FTMs define and validate their lives, as opposed to how society attempts to pigeonhole and belittle them, Cromwell shows how female-to-male transpeople have been made virtually invisible by male-dominated …

  • Education and Gender

    Education and Gender
    Debotri Dhar

    Education and Gender draws on international research from the USA, the UK, India, Mexico, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, to provide a comprehensive global overview of the relationship between gender and education.

  • Infamous Desire

    Infamous Desire
    Pete Sigal

    Providing comprehensive analyses of how male homosexualities were represented in areas under Portuguese and Spanish control, Infamous Desire is the first book-length attempt to answer such questions.

  • Murder Gender and the Media

    Murder, Gender and the Media
    Jane Monckton-Smith

    This volume is a shocking insight into the way the idea of romantic love can justify and excuse the killing of women by their spouses and partners, and lead to sympathy and reduced prison sentences for the killers.

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