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  • Imagined Worlds

    Imagined Worlds
    Freeman J. Dyson

    A thought-provoking, speculative look at the world's cultural future addresses the issue of whether or not human society will progress ethically as it progressed technologically. Reprint. UP.

  • A Cross by the Road

    A Cross by the Road
    Jane Quint

    This true story begins with a mother’s terrifying dream that foretold the accidental death of her adult son.

  • 회색 쇼크
    테드 C. 피시먼

  • Se frem

    Se frem
    Tor Nørretranders

    Nu mangler vi bare at tage os selv alvorligt ved at se frem og løse klodens kriser så livet kan gives videre. Se frem spejler nutiden i oplysningstidens vision om at man hver især handler som man mener alle burde handle.

  • Our Ending Dark Age

    Our Ending Dark Age
    Stephen Barr

    Our future can turn out in one of several ways, and it is humanity that must make the decision of which one it will be. Only one will be truly to mankind's advantage. Why this is so is the thrust of Our Ending Dark Age.

  • Theory U

    Theory U
    C. Otto Scharmer

    What prevents us from attending to situations more effectively is that we aren't fully aware of and in touch with the inner place from which attention and intention originate. This is what Scharmer calls our blind spot.

  • Tr um weiter Deutschland

    Träum weiter, Deutschland!
    Günter Ederer

    Günter Ederer entlarvt die deutsche Neigung, sich bei Themen wie Bevölkerungsrückgang, Staatsverschuldung, Klimawandel oder Bildungsmisere von Wunschdenken, Ideologien und Staatsgläubigkeit leiten zu lassen – und er erklärt, warum wir …

  • Tessere reciprocit

    Tessere reciprocità
    AA. VV.

    Tra generazione e restituzione (Una tessitura preziosa e le sue trame; Tessere bene, tessere male; I fili della tessitura; Post-scriptum) Luigi Alici, Grammatica e sintassi della reciprocità (La relazione, questa sconosciuta; Paradigmi …

  • Future Scenarios

    Future Scenarios
    David Holmgren

    What they do help make clear are the best strategies for preparing for and adapting to these possible futures.” Future Scenarios provides brilliant and balanced consideration of the world’s options and will prove to be one of the most …

  • L informatico e la badante

    L’informatico e la badante
    Nicola Cacace

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