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  • Italian Popular Tales

    Italian Popular Tales
    Thomas Frederick Crane, Jack David Zipes

    Grade level: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, s, t.

  • Folk Nation

    Folk Nation
    Simon J. Bronner

    Through an engaging set of essays, Folk Nation shows how American thinkers and leaders have used folklore-ranging from Paul Bunyan and Davey Crockett to quilts, cowboys, and immigrants-to express the meaning and mystique of their country.

  • The Evil Eye

    The Evil Eye
    Frederick Thomas Elworthy

    Descriptions of gestures, charms, incantations, and other protective acts used to ward off power of the "evil eye." 199 illustrations.

  • Natural Magic

    Natural Magic
    Doreen Valiente

    There are chapters on the secrets of sex magic, and on the use of traditional spells. If you want to learn to charm warts, to cast a love spell, or to plant a magical garden, this book will tell you how.

  • Always for the Underdog

    Always for the Underdog
    Keagan LeJeune

    Louisiana's Neutral Strip, an area of pine forests, squats between the Calcasieu and Sabine Rivers on the border of East Texas.

  • Stories of Change

    Stories of Change
    Joseph E. Davis

    Applies narrative analysis to the study of social movements.

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    Чудо чудное, диво дивное (сборник)
    Народное творчество (Фольклор)

    Сборник русских народных сказок, оригинально построенный в виде сказочной старославянской азбуки. Гуси-лебеди, Царевна Несмеяна, …

  • Desi Divas

    Desi Divas
    Christine L. Garlough

    Throughout the volume, Garlough argues that these performers rely on calls for acknowledgment that intertwine calls for justice and care.

  • Stru n úvod do teorie m tu

    Stručný úvod do teorie mýtu
    Robert A. Segal

    Robert A. Segal se v této knize na velmi skromné ploše pokouší seznámit čtenáře s možnými teoretickými přístupy ke zkoumání a výkladu mýtu napříč nejrůznějšími vědními obory: pojednává o sporu mezi vědeckým a …

  • Totemism and Exogamy Volume 4

    Totemism and Exogamy, Volume 4
    James George Frazer

    In any case, this is a fascinating look at the social underpinnings common to all peoples around the globe. Volume IV includes the author's summary and conclusion, errata, maps, and the index to the full work.

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