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  • A History of Pagan Europe

    A History of Pagan Europe
    Prudence Jones, Nigel Pennick

    This book not only provides the first comprehensive definition of paganism, but is also the first to shed light on well-documented events which are usually glossed over or ignored from a covert Christian perspective.

  • Fairies Fractious Women and the Old Faith

    Fairies, Fractious Women, and the Old Faith
    Regina Buccola

    Fairies, unruly women, and vestigial Catholicism constituted a frequently invoked triad in late sixteenth-and early seventeenth-century drama which has seldom been critically examined and therefore constitutes a significant lacuna in …

  • Inside the Classroom and Out

    Inside the Classroom (and Out)
    Kenneth L. Untiedt

    Looks at the role folklore plays in education.

  • English Fairy Tales

    English Fairy Tales
    Joseph Jacobs, John Dickson Batten

    The first compilation of the full first-edition texts of the classic fairy tale collections by Joseph Jacobs, with Jacobs' original prefaces and annotations. * Reprints Jacobs' original versions of these 87 classic tales exactly as they …

  • The Gift of Stories Practical and Spiritual Applications of Autobiography Life Stories and Personal Mythmaking

    The Gift of Stories: Practical and Spiritual Applications of Autobiography, Life Stories, and Personal Mythmaking
    Robert Atkinson

    The stories we tell about ourselves are guided by cultural patterns and enduring elements.

  • Great Norse Celtic and Teutonic Legends

    Great Norse, Celtic and Teutonic Legends
    Wilhelm Wägner, W. S. W. Anson

    Captivating collection of legends and romances encompasses the principal hero-lays of the great epic cycles of the Teutonic Middle Ages — Hegeling and Nibelung legends, Beowulf, Knights of the Round Table, the Rhine legend of Lohengrin, …

  • The Saga of the Volsungs

    The Saga of the Volsungs

    The Saga of the Volsungs is an Icelandic epic of special interest to admirers of Richard Wagner, who drew heavily upon this Norse source in writing his Ring Cycle and a primary source for writers of fantasy such as J. R. R. Tolkien and …

  • The Civil War in Kentucky

    The Civil War in Kentucky
    Lowell H. Harrison

    What it meant to the social and economic fabric of Kentucky and to its postwar political stance is another theme of this book. And not forgotten is the life of the ordinary citizen in the midst of such dissension and uncertainty.

  • Decoys and Disruptions

    Decoys and Disruptions
    Martha Rosler

    The first comprehensive collection of writings byMartha Rosler considers the intersection of art and politics, theoperation of art systems, feminist art practices, and the media.

  •  е е          е  е   е

    Легенды и мифы Древней Греции
    Кун Н.А.

    Книга Николая Альбертовича Куна, известного историка и педагога, профессора МГУ, ""Легенды и мифы Древней Греции"" – самое …

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