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  • Rethinking Feminist Ethics

    Rethinking Feminist Ethics
    Daryl Koehn

    Rethinking Feminist Ethicsprovides a much-needed overview of the debates over female ethics, proposing a refreshing new conception of ethics in its place.

  • Champion of Choice

    Champion of Choice
    Cathleen Miller

    This book is the first to examine Sadik’s contribution to history and the unconventional methods she has employed to go head-to-head with world leaders to improve millions of women’s lives.

  • Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Style

    Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Style
    Pamela J. Transue

    Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Style reveals that her feminism is more accurately described as latent in the novels, having been merged into the aesthetic components of style, structure, point of view, and patterns of imagery.

  • Riot Days

    Riot Days
    Maria Alyokhina

    'One of the most brilliant and inspiring things I've read in years. Couldn't put it down. This book is freedom' Chris Kraus, author of I Love Dick 'Reading: RIOT DAYS, by PussyRiot member MariaAlyokhina.

  • Making Postmodern Mothers

    Making ‘Postmodern’ Mothers
    Meredith Nash

    This book, the first of its kind, provides a multi-disciplinary, empirical account of pregnant embodiment and how it fits into wider sociological and feminist discourses about gender, bodies, "fitness," "fat," feminism, celebrity and …

  • Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life

    Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life
    Sarah Kember

    Examining the construction, manipulation and re-definition of life in contemporary technoscientific culture, this book aims to re-focus concern on the ethics rather than on the 'nature' of artificial life.

  • The Biography of Goddess Inanna Indomitable Queen of Heaven Earth and Almost Everything

    The Biography of Goddess Inanna; Indomitable Queen of Heaven, Earth and Almost Everything
    Sandra Bart Heimann

    When stars were many and people few, a great story was told everywhere.

  • The Ties That Bind

    The Ties That Bind
    Linda J. Waite, Christine Bachrach

    What factors explain the dramatic changes in union formation we have observed over recent decades?Edited by Linda J. Waite. Co-edited by Christine Bachrach, Michelle Hindin, Elizabeth Thomson, and Arland Thornton.

  • Antifeminism in the Academy

    Antifeminism in the Academy
    VèVè A. Clark

    Contending that the anti-feminist backlash in the academy is part of the broader "politically correct" rhetoric, this collection of writers, academics and activists is a much-needed response to the assault on feminist thinkers and critics …

  • The Legacy of Second Wave Feminism in American Politics

    The Legacy of Second-Wave Feminism in American Politics
    Angie Maxwell, Todd Shields

    This book chronicles the influence of second wave feminism on everything from electoral politics to LGBTQ rights.

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