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  • Voices From the Camps

    Voices From the Camps
    James M. Freeman, Nguyen Dinh Huu

    Voices from the Camps tells the story of the most vulnerable of these refugees: children alone, either orphaned or separated from their families.Combining anthropology and social work with advocacy for unaccompanied children everywhere, …

  • Nature s Government

    Nature’s Government
    Richard Harry Drayton

    At the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the rise of which throughout the nineteenth century is a central theme of this book, a pioneering scientific institution was added to a spectacular ornamental garden.

  • Many Middle Passages

    Many Middle Passages
    Emma Christopher, Cassandra Pybus, Marcus Rediker

    "–Kenneth Morgan, author of Slavery and the British Empire "This volume extends the now well-established project of 'Atlantic World Studies' beyond its geographic and chronological frames to a genuinely global analysis of labour migration.

  • L insertion socio spatiale des Haà tiens à Miami

    L’insertion socio-spatiale des Haïtiens à Miami
    Cédric Audebert

    Par son rôle d'interface dont elle est le théâtre, Miami constitue un terrain idéal d'étude de l'interdépendance entre sociétés développées et en développement dans les Amériques.

  • International Migration

    International Migration
    United Nations. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

    This paper discusses the current approaches to international migration as an emerging social development issue.

  • Identità s individuelles identità s collectives

    Identités individuelles, identités collectives

    Le XXIe siècle est l'époque du mélange des cultures. Le colloque « Identités individuelles / Identités collectives » préconise un regard pluriel sur l'individu en tant que tel, sur son rapport à lui-même et aux autres.

  • Secret Missions to Cuba

    Secret Missions to Cuba
    Robert M. Levine

    This groundbreaking book by Latin American specialist Robert M. Levine is about the shaping of American foreign policy, Cuban-American relations, and America’s hidden history with Cuba.

  • Cultures in Refuge

    Cultures in Refuge
    Dr Anna Hayes, Dr Robert Mason

    Questioning the manner in which the reception of sanctuary in modern Australia changes migrants' sense of belonging, this interdisciplinary volume focuses on the disjuncture between receiving sanctuary and feeling secure in one's self and …

  • Negotiating Boundaries in the City

    Negotiating Boundaries in the City
    Joanna Herbert

    Using in-depth life-story interviews and oral history archives, this book explores the impact of South Asian migration from the 1950s onwards on both the local white, British-born population and the migrants themselves.

  • The 50 American

    The 50% American
    Stanley A. Renshon

    Comprehensive in scope, this book examines recent immigration trends, tracing the assimilation process that immigrants to the United States undergo and describing how federal, state, and local governments have dealt with volatile issues …

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