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  • Alt rit Identit Interculturalit Tome 1

    Altérité-Identité-Interculturalité (Tome 1)
    Bénédicte De Buron Brun

    Des chercheurs dressent un premier bilan d'un XXe siècle qui par l'abolition des distances, les migrations, l'immigration et la multiplication des échanges commerciaux, a entraîné de profond changements des idées et des comportements, …

  • An Anthology of Migration and Social Transformation

    An Anthology of Migration and Social Transformation
    Anna Amelina, Kenneth Horvath, Bruno Meeus

    The contributions of this book examine contemporary dynamics of migration and mobility in the context of the general societal transformations that have taken place in Europe over the past few decades.

  • Domicide

    John Douglas Porteous, Sandra Eileen Smith

    Domicide tells how and why the powerful destroy homes that happen to be in the way of corporate, political, and bureaucratic projects. Too frequently, this destruction is justified as being in the public interest.

  • Citizenship and Those Who Leave

    Citizenship and Those Who Leave
    Nancy L. Green, Francois Weil

    What relations do they seek to maintain with their citizens abroad and why? Citizenship and Those Who Leave reverses the immigration perspective to examine how nations define themselves not just through entry but through exit as well.

  • African Diaspora Identities

    African Diaspora Identities
    John A. Arthur

    African Diaspora Identities provides insights into the complex transnational processes involved in shaping the migratory identities of African immigrants.

  • Inheriting the City

    Inheriting the City
    Philip Kasnitz, John H. Mollenkopf, Mary C. Waters, Jennifer Holdaway

    Although racial discrimination and economic exclusion persist to varying degrees across all the groups studied, this absorbing book shows that the new generation is also beginning to ease the intransigence of U.S. racial categories.

  • Extending Citizenship Reconfiguring States

    Extending Citizenship, Reconfiguring States
    Michael P. Hanagan, Charles Tilly

    Extending Citizenship, Reconfiguring States presents a thematically unified analysis of changing citizenship practices over two centuries-from the eve of the French Revolution to contemporary China.

  • Intercultural Education in the European Context

    Intercultural Education in the European Context
    Dr Marco Catarci, Prof Dr Massimiliano Fiorucci

    This book offers a comparative analysis of the intercultural theories and practices developed in the European context.

  • Migrants to the Metropolis

    Migrants to the Metropolis
    Marie Price, Lisa Benton-Short

    A collection of essays examining contemporary global immigration trends and their profound effect on specific host cities.

  • Timespace and International Migration

    Timespace and International Migration
    Elizabeth Mavroudi, Ben Page, Anastasia Christou

    Furthering understanding of the temporalities and spatialities of how people move across international boundaries, this book analyses how timespace intersects with migrant journeys as an integral aspect of the rhythms of daily lives.

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