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  • Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs

    Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs
    Harvey B. Milkman, Stanley G. Sunderwirth

    "This book is extremely useful for a broad range of readers. This book reflects the extensive scientific and clinical expertise of the authors and is compelling reading for anyone interested in addictive behaviors.

  • Smashed

    Peter Kelly, Jenny Advocat, Lyn Harrison, Christopher Hickey

    This is a picture marked by little agreement on how to define intoxication and drunkenness, how to measure intoxication, what getting drunk means to those who drink (including young people, men and women and people from different cultural …

  • How Politics Makes Us Sick

    How Politics Makes Us Sick
    T. Schrecker, C. Bambra

    Ted Schrecker and Clare Bambra argue that the obesity, insecurity, austerity and inequality that result from neoliberal (or 'market fundamentalist') policies are hazardous to our health, asserting that these neoliberal epidemics require a …

  • SĂ sĂ New York

    Sì, sì New York!
    Lisa Festa

    Mi commuovo anch'io, perché mi rendo conto che quelli che ce la fanno possono essere dieci, cento, mille su mille se, come scrive Lisa, riescono a sfruttare al massimo ciò che incontrano sul loro cammino.

  • The Colony

    The Colony
    John Tayman

    In the bestselling tradition of In the Heart of the Sea, The Colony, “an impressively researched” (Rocky Mountain News) account of the history of America’s only leper colony located on the Hawaiian island of Molokai, is “an utterly …

  • SIDA

    Santiago Yubero Jiménez, Elisa Larrañaga, Rafael Nájera, José María León, Amalio Blanco, Pilar Carrera, Flor Sánchez, Daniela Rojas, Silvia Ubillos, Ramón Bayés, Claudia Fortuny, Joana Prats, José Ramón Bueno, Amparo Yaosca, Sara Ulla, José Luis López, Fernando Fuentes, César Cáceres

    Con todo ello, hemos querido reflejar en este libro las reflexiones y conocimientos que distintos especialistas, profesores universitarios, representantes de instituciones y profesionales vinculados al tema del SIDA han analizado desde …

  • Un Souvenir de Solferino

    Un Souvenir de Solferino
    Henry J. Dunant


  • Drugs Alcohol and Mental Health

    Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health
    Alan Cornwell, Vicky Cornwell

    Deals with all the mayor groups of drugs which are commonly misused.

  • The Globalization of Addiction

    The Globalization of Addiction
    Bruce Alexander

    This book presents a radical rethink about the nature of addiction.

  • Exploring Aging Masculinities

    Exploring Aging Masculinities
    D. Jackson

    This book explores the lived, embodied experiences of aging men as a counterpoint to the weary stereotypes often imposed on them.

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