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  • Health and disease in tropical Africa

    Health and disease in tropical Africa
    Akhtar R

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    Merrijoy Kelner, Beverly Wellman

    This text brings together for the first time a wide range of leading North American and European social scientists to identify who uses CAM, why they use it, and how they find out about it.

  • Beauty without the Breast

    Beauty without the Breast
    Felicia Marie Knaul

    With force and lucidity, the book narrates the journey of patient and family as they courageously navigate disease and survivorship.

  • Health and Wealth in Vietnam

    Health and Wealth in Vietnam
    Dominique Marie-Annick Haughton

    This book answers many of the most important questions, including: Who uses contraceptives? Which children get the most health care? Who are the poor, and why are they poor? Which families migrate? Why do so many rural workers change jobs?

  • Exposing Men

    Exposing Men
    Cynthia R. Daniels

    Exposing Men examines how ideals of masculinity have long skewed our societal–and scientific–understanding of one of the pillars of male identity: reproductive health.

  • Global Health Governance and the Fight Against HIV AIDS

    Global Health Governance and the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
    W. Hein, S. Bartsch, L. Kohlmorgen

    This book is based on in-depth studies of the major global institutions in health, the role of pharmaceutical corporations, the functions of NGOs, and national responses to HIV/AIDS in two key case studies: Brazil and South Africa.

  • Six Minutes for the Patient

    Six Minutes for the Patient
    Enid Balint, J. S. Norell

    Reproduced here in facsimile, this volume was originally published in 1973 and is available individually. The collection is also available in a number of themed mini-sets of between 5 and 13 volumes, or as a complete collection.

  • The Cosmopolitanization of Science

    The Cosmopolitanization of Science
    J. Zhang

    Focussing on China's stem cell research, this book investigates how, over the last decade, Chinese scientists, ethicists and policy-makers have developed a cosmopolitan sensibility in comprehending and responding to ethical and regulatory …

  • Technologies of Procreation

    Technologies of Procreation
    Jeanette Edwards, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology Jeanette Edwards, Sarah Franklin, Eric Hirsch, Lecturer in Social Anthropology Department of Human Sciences Eric Hirsch, Frances Price, Marilyn Strathern

    Technologies of Procreation bridges the gap between medical technology and cultural values. It looks at the ways in which the 'technologies of procreation' affect society from an anthropological perspective.

  • Living with Drugs

    Living with Drugs
    Michael Gossop

    Michael Gossop has updated this new edition to take account of new laws and practices that have come in to place since the previous edition, published in 2007.

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