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  • Dealing with Alcohol

    Dealing with Alcohol
    Sherry Saggers, Dennis Gray

    This book was written with the desire to improve the level of informed debate, and lead to constructive action.

  • Drugs and Culture

    Drugs and Culture
    Geoffrey Hunt, Maitena Milhet, Henri Bergeron

    Drugs and Culture presents alternative perspectives on psychoactive drugs, highlighting the socio-cultural features of drug use and regulation in modern societies.

  • Scurvy

    Stephen R. Bown

    From the earliest recorded appearance of the disease in the sixteenth century, to the eighteenth century, where a man had only half a chance of surviving the scourge, to the early nineteenth century, when the British conquered scurvy and …

  • Theory and Practice of Addiction Counseling

    Theory and Practice of Addiction Counseling
    Pamela S. Lassiter, John R. Culbreth

    Theory and Practice of Addiction Counseling by Pamela S. Lassiter and John R. Culbreth brings together contemporary theories of addiction and helps readers connect those theories to practice using a common multicultural case study.

  • The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

    The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
    Anne Fadiman

    Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction When three-month-old Lia Lee Arrived at the county hospital emergency room in Merced, California, a chain of events was set in motion from which neither she nor her parents nor …

  • A Lucky Life Interrupted

    A Lucky Life Interrupted
    Tom Brokaw

    Again and again, the book returns to stories of loss but also of grace, luck and the beauty of having another swing at bat.”—The Washington Post “Engaging . . . [with] the kind of insight that is typical of Mr. Brokaw’s approach to …

  • La mirada interior

    La mirada interior
    Julio Glockner

    Desde un enfoque antropológico y sensible, Julio Glockner, especialista en la cosmovisión y ritualidad de los pueblos indígenas, se coloca en una posición donde las experiencias personales conviven con la investigación académica …

  • Contesting Intersex

    Contesting Intersex
    Georgiann Davis

    In Contesting Intersex, Davis draws on interviews with intersex people, their parents, and medical experts to explore the oft-questioned views on intersex in medical and activist communities, as well as the evolution of thought in regards …

  • However Long the Night

    However Long the Night
    Aimee Molloy

    This book is a testament to the fact that the connections between women can lead to a better world.

  • No One Cares About Crazy People

    No One Cares About Crazy People
    Ron Powers

    A blend of history, biography, memoir, and current affairs ending with a consideration of where we might go from here, this is a thought-provoking look at a dreaded illness that has long been misunderstood.

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