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  • Beyond Blood Identities

    Beyond Blood Identities
    Jason D. Hill

    In Beyond Blood Identities, Jason D. Hill presents a bold defense of a form of cosmopolitanism according to which only individual persons_not cultures, races, or ethic groups_are the bearers of rights and the possessors of an inviolable …

  • Reproducing Racism

    Reproducing Racism
    Wendy Leo Moore

    Reproducing Racism is an examination of white privilege and power in two elite United States law schools. Moore examines how racial structures, racialized everyday practices, and racial discourses function in law schools.

  • Lifestyle and Social Structure

    Lifestyle and Social Structure
    Michael E. Sobel

    The book begins by constructing a meaningful concept of lifestyle in order to understand and model this relationship.

  • Dying While Black

    Dying While Black
    Vernellia R.. Randall

    According to Randall, Blacks suffer from the generational effect of a slave health deficit that was not relieved during the reconstruction period (1865-1870), the Jim Crow Era (1870-1965), the Affirmative Action Era (1965-1980), or the …

  • Brick Walls

    Brick Walls
    Thomas E. Truitt

    Brick Walls recounts in wrenching detail how legacies of discrimination and injustice combined to divide a community along racial lines."–Jacket.

  • Black Women s Experiences of Criminal Justice

    Black Women’s Experiences of Criminal Justice
    Ruth Chigwada-Bailey

    An incisive account of how the multiple disadvantages of race, gender and class come together to create deeper levels of discrimination and unfair treatment in the criminal process.

  • The Transformation of American Abolitionism

    The Transformation of American Abolitionism
    Richard S. Newman

    Newman traces the abolition movement's transformation from the American Revolution to 1830, showing how what began in late-18th-century Pennsylvania as an elite movement espousing gradual legal reform had by the 1830s become a radical, …

  • Civil Penalties Social Consequences

    Civil Penalties, Social Consequences
    Christopher Mele, Teresa A. Miller

    This much-needed work contains pieces by scholars in law, criminology, and sociology, including: Scott Christianson, Michael Lichter, and Daniel Kanstroom.

  • White Out

    White Out
    Ashley W. Doane, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

    White Out brings together the original work of leading scholars across the disciplines of sociology, philosophy, history, and anthropology to give readers an important and cutting-edge study of "whiteness".

  • The Croom Family and Goodwood Plantation

    The Croom Family and Goodwood Plantation
    William Warren Rogers, Erica R. Clark

    They describe how brothers Hardy and Bryan Croom developed Goodwood Plantation to over four thousand acres with nearly two hundred slaves before Hardy and his family were killed in a shipwreck, and how a twenty-year lawsuit, complicated by …

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