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  • Because of Race

    Because of Race
    Mica Pollock

    "Once again Mica Pollock demonstrates her amazing understanding of the relationship between race and education. If there is one book to read to make sense of the way race permeates the schooling experience, this is it.

  • Lethal Force

    Lethal Force
    The Washington Post

    And its call to reform is being heeded. This groundbreaking book will radically alter how you view confrontation and accountability within the ranks, and offer a new perspective going forward.

  • Constructing the Nation

    Constructing the Nation
    Mariana Ortega

    Philosophers and social theorists of color examine how racism can creep into defensive forms of nationalism.

  • In Search of the Black Fantastic

    In Search of the Black Fantastic
    Richard Iton

    But as Richard Iton shows, despite the changes politics, black artists have continued to play a significant role in the making of critical social spaces.

  • Black Citizenship and Authenticity in the Civil Rights Movement

    Black Citizenship and Authenticity in the Civil Rights Movement
    Randolph Hohle

    This book explains the emergence of two competing forms of black political representation that transformed the objectives and meanings of local action, created boundaries between national and local struggles for racial equality, and …

  • Beyond the Burning Bus

    Beyond the Burning Bus
    J. Phillips Noble

    Author Phil Noble's account is carefully researched but told from a personal viewpoint. It shows once again that the civil rights movement was not monolithic either for those who were in it or those who were opposed to it.

  • Ethnic Violence and Justice

    Ethnic Violence and Justice
    Open Society Institute, Central European University. Center for Policy Studies

    Papers from a workshop held May 9-10, 2002, sponsored by the Open Society New York and the Center for Policy Studies, Central European University.

  • Multicultiphobia

    Phil Ryan

    Rather than simply dismissing multicultiphobia, Ryan acknowledges that critics of multiculturalism have identified issues about which Canadians need to talk.

  • Issues in Race Ethnicity Gender and Class

    Issues in Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class
    CQ Researcher

    This reader is a contemporary collection of cutting edge articles covering issues within the realm of race, ethnicity, gender and class. An excellent reader for undergraduate sociology courses.

  • Veiled Visions

    Veiled Visions
    David Fort Godshalk

    Godshalk examines the 4-day race riots in 1906 Atlanta as a broader narrative of 20th-century race relations in the city, the South, and the U.S. Following the riots, nationally, activists were radicalized by the event, steering away from …

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