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  • Survival

    Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré (U.S. Army, ret)

    Survival is part personal memoir and part account of the events of Hurricane Katrina, but all in service to providing a useful guide filled with practical suggestions on how each of us can effectively respond to catastrophic events.

  • The Prepper s Pocket Guide

    The Prepper’s Pocket Guide
    Bernie Carr

    Guides readers in preparing for disasters, including developing plans, calculating how much water is needed, and making a disinfectant cleaner from emergency kit items.

  • Hunger and Public Action

    Hunger and Public Action
    Jean Drèze, Amartya Sen

    This book analyses the role of public action in solving the problem of hunger in the modern world and is divided into four parts: Hunger in the modern world, Famines, Undernutrition and deprivation, and Hunger and public action.

  • The Deep Dark

    The Deep Dark
    Gregg Olsen

    A vivid and haunting chapter in the history of working-class America, this is one of the great rescue stories of the twentieth century. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Disaster on the Horizon

    Disaster on the Horizon
    Bob Cavnar

    Disaster on the Horizon is a behind-the-scenes investigative look at the worst oil well accident in US history, which led to the current environmental and economic catastrophe on the Gulf Coast.

  • The Red Cross and the Holocaust

    The Red Cross and the Holocaust
    Jean-Claude Favez

    A startling new assessment of the role of the Red Cross in the Holocaust.

  • Aid on the Edge of Chaos

    Aid on the Edge of Chaos
    Ben Ramalingam

    Aid has become a tangle of donors and recipients, so unwieldy that it is in danger of collapse. This ground-breaking book presents fresh thinking that transcends the 'more' verses 'less' arguments.

  • Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti

    Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti
    Mark Schuller

    The book shows how Haitian people were removed from any real decision-making, replaced by a top-down, NGO-dominated system of humanitarian aid, led by an army of often young, inexperienced foreign workers.

  • Urban Planning for Disaster Recovery

    Urban Planning for Disaster Recovery
    Alan March, Maria Kornakova

    The book examines disaster risk reduction (DRR), in particular, the recovery stage of what is widely known as the disaster cycle.

  • Geographic Information Systems GIS for Disaster Management

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster Management
    Brian Tomaszewski

    Offering software-neutral best practices, this book is suitable for use in undergraduate- or graduate-level disaster management courses.

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