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  • Concealed Weapon Laws of the Early Republic

    Concealed Weapon Laws of the Early Republic
    Clayton E. Cramer

    He further supports the work of other scholars who have lately examined the role of Scots-Irish immigrants in creating a distinctive southern back-country culture of "honor violence" including dueling and brawling.

  • 카페에서 읽는 세계사
    구정은, 장은교, 남지원

    이 책은 승자와 패자, 강자와 약자의 프레임에서 벗어나 일상의 이면에 숨어 있는 역사를 소개한다. 역사는 지금 우리 삶에 영향을 미치고 있다. 오늘날의 삶을 제대로 이해하기 …

  • Beyond a Mountain Valley

    Beyond a Mountain Valley
    Paula Brown

    Beyond a Mountain Valley focuses on Simbu memories, performance, and conceptions over the last sixty years, particularly those relating to interactions with newcomers and other island peoples.

  • 家族が亡くなったらしなければならない手配と手続き 最新版

    家族が亡くなったら必要となる、ありとあらゆる手配と手続きについて解説します。 特に、関心の高い相続税については、平成28年の改正を反映させてあるうえに、自分が相 …

  • The Spirit of the Mountains

    The Spirit of the Mountains
    Emma Bell Miles

    '" –The Southern Quarterly . Emma Bell Miles (1879-1919) also wrote numerous poems and short stories that appeared in such publications of the period as Harpers Monthly, Century, and Lippincott's.

  • It

    Alexa Chung

    Alexa Chung's IT: the Top Ten Bestseller from the international fashion muse and Vogue contributing editor Now a Penguin paperback, this one-off collection of Alexa Chung's writing, doodles and photographs combines stories of early style …

  • Account of the Kingdom of Nepal

    Account of the Kingdom of Nepal
    Francis Buchanan Hamilton

    And Of The Territories Annexed To This Dominion By The House Of Gorkha Untill The Year 1814.

  • Luxury

    Patrizia Calefato

    This groundbreaking text examines luxury and its relationship with desire, status, consumption and economic value, exploring why luxury remains prominent even in the context of a global recession.

  •  Ad nde van los chinos cuando mueren

    ¿Adónde van los chinos cuando mueren?
    Ángel Villarino

    Al fin y al cabo, ¿adónde van los chinos cuando mueren? ¿Acaban en el cementerio, o en la cocina del restaurante? ¿Suben al cielo de los inmigrantes trabajadores y modélicos o descienden a los infiernos de los evasores de impuestos y …

  • Culture Works

    Culture Works
    Arlene Dávila

    Culture Works addresses and critiques an important dimension of the “work of culture,” an argument made by enthusiasts of creative economies that culture contributes to the GDP, employment, social cohesion, and other forms of neoliberal …

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