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  • Growing Up Working Class

    Growing Up Working Class
    J. Robert Wegs

    In examining the way life was actually lived, this book deals primarily with the children of manual laborers, but includes the children of other socially disadvantaged groups in the working-class districts.

  • Rethinking School Violence

    Rethinking School Violence
    Kerry Robinson, Cristyn Davies

    Taking a sociocultural approach to understanding violence, the authors in this collection examine how norms of gender, culture and educational practice contribute to school violence, providing strategies to intervene in and address violence …

  • Ethics Sexual Orientation and Choices about Children

    Ethics, Sexual Orientation, and Choices about Children
    Timothy F. Murphy

    In this book, Timothy Murphy traces the controversy over prenatal selection of sexual orientation, offering a critical review of the literature and presenting his own argument in favor of parents' reproductive liberty.

  • Coining for Capital

    Coining for Capital
    Jyotsna Kapur

    "This book is a welcome addition to the literature on children and the media, and a most stimulating application of social theory to questions of the child in contemporary film and consumer culture."—Ellen Seiter, author of The Internet …

  • Girlhood

    Jennifer Helgren, Colleen Vasconcellos

    Girlhood, interdisciplinary and global in source, scope, and methodology, examines the centrality of girlhood in shaping women's lives.

  • Savoir Pour Sauver Facts for Life

    Savoir Pour Sauver / Facts for Life

    On trouvera dans la quatrieme edition de Savoir pour Sauver ces informations essentielles que toutes les familles et toutes les communautes doivent connaitre pour elever des enfants en bonne sante.

  • Child Poverty and the Canadian Welfare State

    Child Poverty and the Canadian Welfare State
    Shereen T. Ismael

    " Child Poverty and the Canadian Welfare State: From Entitlement to Charity represents an effort to understand the changes in social policy that normalize the existence of child poverty in a rich society like Canada.

  • Developing a School Finance System for K 12 Reform in Qatar

    Developing a School Finance System for K-12 Reform in Qatar
    Cassandra M. Guarino

    Reform-minded leaders of Qatar, who have embarked on a sweeping reform of their nation's education system, asked RAND to evaluate their education finance system and offer suggestions for improvements.

  • Life after Guns

    Life after Guns
    Abby Hardgrove

    Life After Guns explores how ex-combatants and other post-war youth negotiated a depleted and difficult social and cultural landscape in the years following Liberia’s fourteen-year bloody civil war.

  • Das gesamte Kinder und Jugendrecht

    Das gesamte Kinder- und Jugendrecht
    Walhalla Gesetzestexte

    Das Regelwerk des Kinder- und Jugendrechts: preiswert – handlich – umfassend Grundrechte der Kinder UN-Kinderschutzkonvention, Grundgesetz Kinder- und Jugendhilfe (KJHG, SGB VIII) SGB VIII, Kostenbeitragsverordnung Sozialverfahren SGB I, …

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