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  • Salafismus in Deutschland

    Salafismus in Deutschland
    Ahmet Toprak, Gerrit Weitzel

    Der Band untersucht den Salafismus als Phänomen einer spezifischen Jugendkultur – die nicht nur auf Jugendliche mit Migrationshintergrund zielt und befasst sich mit ihrer Attraktivität sowie ihrer medialen und subkulturellen Mustern.

  • Kids in Ancient Rome

    Kids in Ancient Rome
    Lisa A. Wroble

    Discusses the food, dress, schooling, games, housing, and culture of children in ancient Rome.

  • Iqbal Farooq og den sorte pjerrot Volume 1

    Iqbal Farooq og den sorte pjerrot, Volume 1
    Manu Sareen

    Iqbal Farooq og den sorte Pjerrot er første bind i Manu Sareens serie om 13-årige Iqbal fra Nørrebro. "Det er sjældent, man griner hjerteligt på hver side, selv om bogen er en børnebog.

  • Dalla parte delle bambine

    Dalla parte delle bambine
    Elena Gianini Belotti

    La tradizionale differenza di carattere tra maschio e femmina non è dovuta a fattori innati, bensì a condizionamenti culturali che l'individuo subisce nel corso del suo sviluppo … in realtà non esistono qualità "maschili" e qualità …

  • A Mind Shaped by Poverty

    A Mind Shaped by Poverty
    Regenia Rawlinson

    In the essential guide A Mind Shaped by Poverty: Ten Things Educators Should Know, educator Regenia Rawlinson shares a comprehensive look at how poverty affects academic success and what educators can do to solve the problem.

  • Intercultural Education in the European Context

    Intercultural Education in the European Context
    Dr Marco Catarci, Prof Dr Massimiliano Fiorucci

    This book offers a comparative analysis of the intercultural theories and practices developed in the European context.

  • The Agency of Children

    The Agency of Children
    David Oswell

    Uses the idea of children's agency to survey the main issues in childhood studies.

  • Young People Re Generating Politics in Times of Crises

    Young People Re-Generating Politics in Times of Crises
    Sarah Pickard, Judith Bessant

    This book provides insight into the diverse ways young people from around the world are regenerating politics in innovative and multifaceted ways.

  • Uprooted

    Roy Parker

    the relatives and descendants, both in Britain and Canada, of the children around whom this study revolves." –Book Jacket.

  • Teaching Boys who Struggle in School

    Teaching Boys who Struggle in School
    Kathleen Palmer Cleveland

    This book focuses on ways educators can use the Pathways to Re-Engagement model to create strategies and transform underachieving boys into successful learners in the classroom.

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