Books in category Social Science – Black Studies (Global)

  • The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race

    The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race
    Naomi Zack

    Additionally, the essays consider the societal limitations and structures provided by public policy and law. As a critical theory, the volume compares the study of race to feminism.

  • The Performance of Nationalism

    The Performance of Nationalism
    Jisha Menon

    In the process, Jisha Menon offers a fresh analysis of nationalism from the perspective of performance.

  • Racialised Barriers

    Racialised Barriers
    Stephen Small

    First Published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • The Hard Light of Day

    The Hard Light of Day
    Rod Moss

    Illustrated with Moss's evocative paintings and photographs, "The Hard Light of Day" is an incredible journey into a world never shown in the mainstream media, and an artist's chronicle of the moments that have inspired him.


    Elisa Larkin Nascimento

    A mulher negra conquistou seu espaço na sociedade por meio de grandes lutas, testemunhadas neste volume por lideranças e pensadoras como Lélia Gonzalez, Sueli Carneiro, Hédio Silva Jr. e Helena Theodoro.

  • School Social Work Services in Federally Funded Programs

    School Social Work Services in Federally Funded Programs
    Hope M. Bland, Ashraf Esmail

    This book identifies the barriers between social work intervention in education and government-funded programs that impact African American students.

  • Blackness in Western Europe

    Blackness in Western Europe
    Dienke Hondius

    A racial pattern of exclusion has characterized European policy for more than four centuries. Dienke Hondius identifies ideas and attitudes toward "blackness," the concept of race as visible difference, developed in western Europe.

  • Family Money

    Family Money
    Jeffory Clymer

    Combining nuanced literary interpretations with significant legal cases, Family Money reveals a shared preoccupation with the financial quandaries emerging from interracial sexuality in nineteenth-century America.

  • Multiple Lenses

    Multiple Lenses
    David Divine

    This book is dedicated to such Black people and their allies who, together, have fashioned meaning and hope in an often hostile environment.

  • African American

    African, American
    David Peterson del Mar

    In this remarkable, panoramic work, David Peterson del Mar explores the ways in which American fantasies of Africa have evolved over time, as well as the role of Africans themselves in subverting American attitudes to their continent.

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