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  • The Performance of Nationalism

    The Performance of Nationalism
    Jisha Menon

    In the process, Jisha Menon offers a fresh analysis of nationalism from the perspective of performance.

  • Human Rights Race and Resistance in Africa and the African Diaspora

    Human Rights, Race, and Resistance in Africa and the African Diaspora
    Toyin Falola, Cacee Hoyer

    This book addresses these issues and their connections to social justice, discrimination, and equality movements.

  • Where YA Been Mate

    Where YA’ Been, Mate?
    Herb Wharton

    Unforgettable characters emerge from this vintage Herb Wharton collection which ranges from city to bush, from tall tales to amusing parables.

  • Family Money

    Family Money
    Jeffory Clymer

    Combining nuanced literary interpretations with significant legal cases, Family Money reveals a shared preoccupation with the financial quandaries emerging from interracial sexuality in nineteenth-century America.

  • Two Voices in One

    Two Voices in One
    Chan Sin-wai, John C. Y. Wang, Laurence Kwok Pun Wong

    In going through the collection, the reader will see how a translation problem can rear a “yellow-ochre head,” why a Chinese garden can become a source language text, and in what way a commentary can shine with “Multiflorate Splendour …

  • Set the World on Fire

    Set the World on Fire
    Keisha N. Blain

    Set the World on Fire highlights the black nationalist women who fought for national and transnational black liberation from the early to mid-twentieth century.

  • The Black Book II

    The Black Book II
    Yussuf Naim Kly

    The time has come for a realistic political dialogue between the American national minorities and the dominant Anglo-American ethny.

  • Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process

    Black Issues in the Therapeutic Process
    Isha McKenzie-Mavinga

    Inspired by the author's own research, this book explores creatively how the therapeutic relationship with people of African or Caribbean heritage can better take account of such deep-seated intercultural issues.

  • The Year of the Lash

    The Year of the Lash
    Michele Reid-Vazquez

    Michele Reid-Vazquez reveals the untold story of the strategies of negotia­tion used by free blacks in the aftermath of the “Year of the Lash”—a wave of repression in Cuba that had great implications for the Atlantic World in the …

  • Black Passports

    Black Passports
    Stephanie Y. Evans

    In this resource guide for fostering youth empowerment, Stephanie Y. Evans offers creative commentary on two hundred autobiographies that contain African American travel memoirs of places around the world.

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