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  • Writing Archaeology Second Edition

    Writing Archaeology, Second Edition
    Brian Fagan

    Archaeology’s best known author of popular books and texts distills decades of experience in this well-received guide designed to help others wanting to broaden the audience for their work.

  • The Prehistoric Exploration and Colonisation of the Pacific

    The Prehistoric Exploration and Colonisation of the Pacific
    Geoffrey Irwin

    This book, now in paperback, represents a major advance in knowledge of the settlement of the Pacific. Geoffrey Irwin uses an innovative model to establish a detailed theory of prehistoric navigation.

  • Looting Spiro Mounds

    Looting Spiro Mounds
    David La Vere

    Author raises questions about the looting of the lost Indian burial crypt in Le Flore Co OK in 1935.

  • Households and Hegemony

    Households and Hegemony
    Cameron B. Wesson

    "Drawing together information from ethnohistoric records and data from one of the largest excavations in Alabama's history (the Fusihatchee Project), Cameron B. Wesson reexamines changes in early Creek culture from before and after contact …

  • Greek Sculpture and the Problem of Description

    Greek Sculpture and the Problem of Description
    A. A. Donohue

    This book examines how interpretation and examination of Greek sculpture are intertwined.

  • The Hellenistic West

    The Hellenistic West
    Jonathan R. W. Prag, Josephine Crawley Quinn

    This book contends that the rift between the 'Greek East' and the 'Roman West' is more a product of the traditional separation of Roman and Greek history than a reflection of the Hellenistic-period Mediterranean, which was a strongly …

  • Medieval Nubia

    Medieval Nubia
    Giovanni R. Ruffini

    As a result, Qasr Ibrim is probably the best documented ancient and medieval site in Africa outside of Egypt and the Maghreb. Medieval Nubia is the first book to make available this remarkable material, much of which is still unpublished.

  • Displaying the Ideals of Antiquity

    Displaying the Ideals of Antiquity
    Johannes Siapkas, Lena Sjögren

    This book analyzes how an art historical tradition establishes and preserves an idealized view of antiquity in classical archaeology and in museum exhibitions.

  • Wet Site Archaeology

    Wet Site Archaeology
    Barbara A. Purdy

    Herculaneum, Hoko River, Hontoon Island, Key Marco, Monte Verde, Ozette, the Somerset levels, Windover, the bog bodies of Northern Europe and the lake dwellers of Switzerland are some of the many famous sites and discoveries described in …

  • Desolate Landscapes

    Desolate Landscapes
    John F. Hoffecker

    This new series presents innovative titles pertaining to human origins, evolution, and behavior from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

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