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  • Grains from Grass

    Grains from Grass
    Lisa Cliggett

    The work of survival for the Gwembe Tonga includes difficult decisions about how to distribute inadequate resources among family members.

  • Lake Biwa Interactions between Nature and People

    Lake Biwa: Interactions between Nature and People
    Hiroya Kawanabe, Machiko Nishino, Masayoshi Maehata

    This book focuses on the long-term interactions between people and nature in and around Lake Biwa, one of the oldest lakes in the world.

  • Sorrow and Joy Among Muslim Women

    Sorrow and Joy Among Muslim Women
    Amineh Ahmed

    Study of the lives, thoughts and gham-khadi (funerals-weddings) ceremonies of Pukhtun women, especially of the elite.

  • Regions and Crises

    Regions and Crises
    Lorenzo Fioramonti

    Will the Arab Spring trigger new forms of regional cooperation in North Africa? Will Asian regionalism prevail?This book investigates the intimate relationship between regional governance processes and global crises.

  • Contesting the New South Order

    Contesting the New South Order
    Clifford M. Kuhn

    Finally, Kuhn reflects on the legacy of the strike in southern history, exploring its complex ties to the evolving New South.

  • Bibliographie Internationale D anthropologie

    Bibliographie Internationale D’anthropologie
    British Library of Political and Economic Science, Lib Pol Brit, British Library of Political & Economic

    Maurice Ravel: A Research and Information Guide is an annotated bibliography concerning both the nature of primary sources related to the composer and the scope and significance of the secondary sources which deal with him, his compositions …

  • La rĂ novation de l hĂ ritage dĂ mocratique

    La rĂ©novation de l’hĂ©ritage dĂ©mocratique
    Anne Trépanier

    Les expressions politiques du Québec et du Canada donnent l’impression d’une quête identitaire perpétuelle.

  • Reconciling Canada

    Reconciling Canada
    Jennifer Henderson, Pauline Wakeham

    In this volume, leading scholars in the humanities and social sciences relate contemporary political and social efforts to redress wrongs to the fraught history of government relations with Aboriginal and diasporic populations.

  • Kids on YouTube

    Kids on YouTube
    Patricia G Lange

    This book makes key contributions to new media studies, communication, science and technology studies, digital anthropology, and informal education.

  • Concise Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology

    Concise Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology
    Mike Morris, Michael Ashley Morris

    The Concise Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology is an accessible, hands-on guide to the hundreds of terms a student of anthropology or general reader will encounter in dealing with anthropological and ethnographic literature.

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