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  • The Dual Disorders Recovery Book

    The Dual Disorders Recovery Book

    This compelling book The Dual Disorders Recovery Book, written for those of us with an addiction and a psychiatric illness, provides a source of information and support throughout our recovery.

  • A Gentle Path through the Twelve Principles

    A Gentle Path through the Twelve Principles
    Patrick J. Carnes

    Renowned addiction expert Patrick Carnes, PhD, author of A Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps, outlines twelve guiding principles to help those in recovery develop an essential skill set for life.

  • Walk in Dry Places

    Walk in Dry Places
    Mel B.

    Walk in Dry Places provides this solid insight and support. Written in the classic style of early meditation books, Walk in Dry Places refocuses on the basics of Twelve Step recovery.

  • Third Year Sobriety

    Third Year Sobriety
    Guy Kettelhack

    In the final book of this series, Kettelhack offers moving and triumphant stories of individuals in their third year of sobriety.

  • How to Recover in Debtors Anonymous Whether Youâ re in that Program or Not A Primer

    How to Recover in Debtors Anonymous (Whether You’re in that Program or Not): A Primer
    Jerry M.

  • From Rehab to Recovery

    From Rehab to Recovery
    Janice L Witt

    In recovery for over 25 years, herself, Janice Witt has been helping other addicts and alcoholics get well for nearly 24 of them. This is not one of your average addiction recovery books.

  • Getting Out from Going Under

    Getting Out from Going Under
    Susan B.

    Since 2012, Susan B.’s blog, "Getting Out from Going Under.," has provided guidance and support for thousands of compulsive debtors and spenders.

  • Getting There

    Getting There
    Luis A. MartĂ­nez

    Do you recognize it? The process outlined in this book has been used successfully by hundreds of clients who came to recognize their worth, and then made significant changes in their lives. “Your book was really great!

  • My Five Year Recovery Planner

    My Five-Year Recovery Planner
    The Editors of Central Recovery Press

    While twelve-step recovery teaches the importance of living one day at a time, recovery is about building a bright future out of the wreckage of the past. That's where planning is valuable for the individual in recovery.

  • A Sponsorship Guide for 12 Step Programs

    A Sponsorship Guide for 12-Step Programs
    M. T.

    This is the first book of its kind–for sponsors, by sponsors.

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