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  • Headlong Through Life

    Headlong Through Life
    Dick C.

    Algunos de sus poemas han sido criticados de triviales, como otros han sido tildados de licenciosos y hasta irreverentes, pero lo cierto es que todos han sido escritos con una sencillez y una franqueza poco habituales.

  • I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl

    I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl
    Kelle Groom

    A noted poet presents a full-length memoir based on her autobiographical "Ploughshares" essay that recounts her struggles with alcoholism and search for answers after her son's death from leukemia.

  • Aftercare

    Dennis L. Siluk

    The 1st book, A Path to Sobriety, is an ultimate guide to substance abuse. His 2nd book, A Path to Relapse Prevention, is a powerhouse for preventing relapse and curing the disease.

  • Development and Testing of an Exit from Treatment Form for Clients in Drug Abuse Treatment

    Development and Testing of an Exit from Treatment Form for Clients in Drug Abuse Treatment

    This report illustrates the attempts to develop a standard protocol for collecting core data related to the status of the patient at the exit from treatment and to discharge procedures.

  • Breathe Freedom

    Breathe, Freedom
    Kevin Alderson

    Ever wonder how that is possible given our current understanding of the hazards from longterm smoking? Ever wonder how you could quit easily by following a comprehensive stop smoking program? Breathe, Freedom! is the book you need.

  • Last in My Class

    Last in My Class
    Eddie Brady

    We are the invisible injured. Who speaks for us?" This book does. ALCOHOLISM REMAINS THE # 1 HEALTH PROBLEM IN AMERICA. Millions want to know how to live with a problem drinker. This story helps answer that question.

  • Accepting Ourselves Others

    Accepting Ourselves & Others
    Sheppard B. Kominars, Kathryn D. Kominars

    Accepting Ourselves and Others

  • Alcoholism

    Ann M. Manzardo, Donald W. Goodwin, Jan L. Campbell, Elizabeth C. Penick, Gabrielli Jr.

    This fourth edition, written by a group of Dr Goodwin's former colleagues, whilst retaining much of Dr Goodwin's original material, offering his unique perspective on alcoholism.

  • Adolescent Substance Abuse

    Adolescent Substance Abuse
    Ken C. Winters

    This unique book provides evidence of how the field has matured over the past 20 years, highlighting the rapid growth in research with a focus on topics deserving of more study.

  • Addiction Free

    Gene Hawes, M.D., Anderson Hawes

    This invaluable guide includes six initial options for getting into recovery: — The AA treatment program –Interventions, detox and rehab –Work related programs –Al-Anon –Law-enforcement programs –Therapeutic communities Addiction-Free …

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