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  • Relax

    Elisabeth Wilson

    Well, we’ve done the hard work for you – Relax cuts straight to the heart of the matter, providing you with quick to read and easy to implement tips.

  • Stress Reduction for Busy People

    Stress Reduction for Busy People
    Dawn Groves

    Offering serious information with a light touch, author Dawn Groves shows that by starting with a few simple changes, anyone can find a few minutes each day to take care of their bodies with exercise, sleep, and good food; their souls with …

  • Women and Stress

    Women and Stress
    Jean Lush, Pam Vredevelt

    This popular book shows readers how to deal with stress that is unique to women in healthy, productive ways.

  • Recovering A NEW

    Recovering A-NEW
    Dr. Ronald Beavers, PhD

  • Emotional Freedom

    Emotional Freedom
    Garry A. Flint

    These readers will then simply ask their subconscious to treat the emotion or issue that arises. They will then experience the emotions gradually subside. This book has been printed in Japanese. Over 10,000 copies sold in English worldwide.

  • Freedom of Life

    Freedom of Life
    Anne Payson Call

    In The Freedom of Life she explains the power of concentration, how to release resistant energy in the body and mind, and lays out a practical approach to working through fear and anxiety in work and family life.

  • Three Deep Breaths

    Three Deep Breaths
    Thomas Crum

    Thomas Crum illustrates this radically simple technique through the story of Angus, who is struggling to break through the negative habits that lead to anger, exhaustion, and poor performance.

  • The brilliant book of calm

    The brilliant book of calm
    Tania Ahsan

    With the help of The brilliant book of calm you can take charge of your life like never before, so that when push comes to shove and the proverbial hits the fan, all you need to do is take a deep breath before you deal with whatever life …

  • A Guide to Managing Workplace Stress

    A Guide to Managing Workplace Stress
    Trevor Hicks, McSherry Caroline

    The intention of this book is to provide information to those who may be suffering from work related stress and to provide managers with a "toolkit" to help address such problems in the workforce.

  • Overwhelmed

    Nancy K. Schlossbereg

    Schlossberg's work represents an important and enormously helpful alternative to old-fashioned 'stage theories.'—Carol Tavris, Ph.D.

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