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  • Three Deep Breaths

    Three Deep Breaths
    Thomas Crum

    Thomas Crum illustrates this radically simple technique through the story of Angus, who is struggling to break through the negative habits that lead to anger, exhaustion, and poor performance.

  • The Balancing Act

    The Balancing Act
    Fiona Parashar

    Written in a language clearly at one with the fast pace and issues faced at work today, this is a coaching book on how to get more balance in your life…your way, your style, your time.

  • The Sage s Way

    The Sage’s Way
    Ray Grigg

    Author of internationally sold books The Tao of Relationships, The Tao of Being, The Tao of Sailing, Zen Brushpoems, The Tao of Zen, The New Lao Tzu, Ray Grigg is eminently qualified to offer this work to those who are seeking a balanced …

  • Strong Families in Stressful Times

    Strong Families in Stressful Times
    John T. Trent

    Family counselor Dr. John Trent shares ten inspiring principles families need to weather the storms of life.

  • The Missionary Family

    The Missionary Family
    Dr. Jere Phillips

    The Missionary Family: Managing Stress Effectively provides sound biblical and practical principles to help missionaries and their family members manage stress and become more effective in ministry.

  • Wings of Empowerment

    Wings of Empowerment
    Darlene Wilson

    This is the sometimes torturous, often joyful journey of a woman who accepts the challenge to bravely face her fears – opening the door to a surprising new life.

  • The Tranquility System

    The Tranquility System
    S. A. Forest, Alexandra Light

    Both authors are gifted writers and story tellers, so the book is not only informative and educational, it's warm, entertaining and easy to read.

  • Budismo moderno Volumen 1 Sutra

    Budismo moderno – Volumen 1: Sutra
    Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso

    Budismo moderno es una fuente inagotable de inspiración y nos ofrece soluciones, desde la perspectiva budista, a los problemas que se nos presentan en la vida.

  • Tears and Laughter

    Tears and Laughter
    Kahlil Gibran

    “I do not think the East has spoken with so beautiful a voice since the Gitanjali of Rabindranath Tagore …” – G. W. Russell

  • The Slim Book of Health Pearls

    The Slim Book of Health Pearls
    Sheldon Cohen

    STRESS: it can save your life or kill you.

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