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  • O Caminho da Sabedoria

    O Caminho da Sabedoria
    Daniel Marques

    Diferenciando as expressões duma emoção tão forte e poderosa, pretende-se elucidar para a importância de uma vivência de boa ética, como o caminho correto para a obtenção da felicidade; 9º Ciclo: Neste ciclo são abordados os …

  • It s Up to You A Practice to Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind Large Print 16pt

    It’s Up to You: A Practice to Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind (Large Print 16pt)
    Karen Casey

    Seven morning and evening practices to revolutionize your life. This small book will change everything if you let it.

  • Careers for the Stagestruck Other Dramatic Types

    Careers for the Stagestruck & Other Dramatic Types
    Lucia Mauro

    The inspiring Careers for You series shows career explorers how to examine the job market through the unique lens of their own interests–and find new happiness in the workplace.

  • As I See It

    As I See It
    Tom Sullivan

    Sullivan has gleaned a number of gifts from his "affliction," including cultivating a sense of his own purpose, treasuring people without expectation, and celebrating his own uniqueness.

  • Directory of Battered Women s Shelters in the U S

    Directory of Battered Women’s Shelters in the U.S.
    Gloria Lane

    Each shelter hastheir own criteria. A woman will be referred to a shelter that best fits her needs. This book also contains information for the woman who isn't battered but has caught her spouse being unfaithful.

  • 2 000 Percent Living

    2,000 Percent Living
    Donald Mitchell

    After thinking about the possible contents for the book over several weeks, Donald Mitchell was surprised to be awakened at 1:30 a.m. on May 19, 2009, by a voice that dictated to him in great detail what should be in this book.

  • Famous Inspirational Words to Bring Happiness to Your Soul

    Famous Inspirational Words to Bring Happiness to Your Soul
    Perry Ritthaler

    When I first began to do the research for this book, I could not believe all the people who knew of these famous secret words. They were the greatest people in history.

  • Change What Change

    Change? What Change?
    Geoffrey Hackett

    When you get down to talking with them this is nearly always based on the fact that they are so fearful of the uncertainties of change that rather than plan or learn to manage change, which commonsense would dictate to be the solution to …

  • Making the Good Life Last

    Making the Good Life Last
    Michael Schuler

    Michael Schuler deconstructs the assumption that consumption and constant stimulation equal happiness.

  • Das ethische Gehirn

    Das ethische Gehirn
    Wolfgang Seidel

    Für Wolfgang Seidel gehören biologisch bedingte Veränderungen auch des Gehirns zu den konkreten Erfahrungen aus der medizinischen Forschung und Praxis – wie auch die Erfahrung, dass nicht alle physiologischen Auswirkungen auf den …

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