Books in category Self-Help – Mood Disorders

  • Finding Life Beyond Trauma

    Finding Life Beyond Trauma
    Victoria Follette, Jacqueline Pistorello

    With your values clearly in mind, commit to actions that will express them in your life-guided by the powerful tools you'll find in this book. Find more help online at

  • Dem√ nios

    Daniel Marques

    A presente obra tem por objetivo dar a conhecer o processo de possessão diabólica, bem como o de resgate, de nós mesmos e dos outros.

  • Have a Heart s Home

    Have a Heart’s Home
    Stephen Bernhardt

    This manuscript was conceived while I sat on a ledge overlooking the abyss of hell.

  • Alternativas para el Prozac

    Alternativas para el Prozac
    Ran Knishinsky

    Alternativas para el Prozac es el primer libro que presenta un extenso panorama sobre la historia de la hierba de San Juan, los resultados de los estudios médicos y sus aplicaciones clínicas.

  • The Worrier s Guide to Overcoming Procrastination

    The Worrier’s Guide to Overcoming Procrastination
    Kevin Gyoerkoe, Pamela Wiegartz

    With The Worrier's Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, you'll develop the skills you need to understand and conquer the anxiety that lies at the root of your chronic avoidance.

  • Out of Focus Again

    Out of Focus…Again
    Ann Kochenberger

    Depression affects everyone.

  • Fighting Invisible Tigers

    Fighting Invisible Tigers
    Earl Hipp

    Tests, reports, sports, band, homework, after-school job-the list of things you have to do can be long. At times it can be hard to deal with issues that come up at home and with friends. Fighting Invisible Tigers can help.

  • Depression and Older People

    Depression and Older People
    Mary Godfrey, Tracy Denby

    Commissioned by Help the Aged, the report reviews the nature and scope of the evidence base around depression and older people; evaluates current policy and practice responses and identifies gaps in the evidence base and areas for further …

  • The Blue Day Book

    The Blue Day Book
    Bradley Trevor Greive

    This is the first paperback edition of the classic gift book. No one who has lips will be able to read The Blue Day Book without smiling.

  • Silver Linings

    Silver Linings
    Florence Littauer

    Writing on her own experiences, Littauer addresses women suffering from any level of depression.

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