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  • Breakthrough Depression Solution 2nd Edition

    Breakthrough Depression Solution – 2nd Edition
    James Greenblatt, Winnie To

    In this book, he provides a personalized model of integrative medicine for mental health that can result in relief from depression and a renewed sense of emotional health.

  • Flying without Fear

    Flying without Fear
    Duane Brown

    This fully revised and updated edition also includes new information about terrorism concerns and airport security measures adopted after 9/11. •Practice the anxiety-stopping strategies in this book before you board the plane •Take this …

  • On Depression

    On Depression
    S. Nassir Ghaemi

    Ghaemi discusses these guides in detail, thinkers like Viktor Frankl, Rollo May, Karl Jaspers, and Leston Havens, among others.

  • Overcoming Depersonalization Disorder

    Overcoming Depersonalization Disorder
    Katharine Donnelly, Fugen Neziroglu

    Whether your depersonalization developed after a traumatic experience or is something you've always lived with, this book can help you reconnect with life again.

  • Fearless

    Chad W. Gonzales

    Chad Gonzales encourages you to take a new look at the subject of fear.

  • I Made It Through the Rain

    I Made It Through the Rain
    Robert E. Sterling

    A a mind-gripping diary of one man overcoming panic disorder and searching for the meaning of genuine success. Also, a collection of inspirational and humorous stories.

  • A Pot of Coffee and a Resentment

    A Pot of Coffee and a Resentment
    Dana Sharp

    A Pot of Coffee and a Resentment: The Committee in My Head Is Now in Session details Sharp's journey to surrender and become willing to live life on life's terms.

  • Turning Black and White into Gray

    Turning Black and White into Gray
    Sarah Kennedy, MFT, and Keith Conrad

    Why do they act the way they do? How can we help them? Through the personal stories of therapist Sarah Kennedy and her patient Keith Conrad, these questions and many others are honestly and clearly addressed.

  • The UltraMind Solution

    The UltraMind Solution
    Mark Hyman

    A "New York Times"-bestselling author reveals that problems in the brain don't start there, and explains how detoxifying and fortifying the body can maximize brain function, alleviate depression, and improve memory–without drugs.

  • When Misery is Company

    When Misery is Company
    Anne Katherine

    Surprising as it may sound, many people take comfort in their own misery. Feeling too good for too long (or even feeling good at all) can be scary for people, explains Anne Katherine. "Achievement creates anxiety. Intimacy leads to fear.

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